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DIY Homemade Lip Balms: More Than 36 Simple Natural Moisturizing Recipes For Soft & Succulent Lips

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DIY Homemade Lip Balms: More Than 36 Simple Natural Moisturizing Recipes For Soft & Succulent Lips

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Soften, Moisturize and Protect Your Lips With Natural Ingredients At The Fraction Of The Cost

Homemade lip balms are simple items you can make at the comfort of your home; not only that, they also save you tons of money over buying organic brands at the mall or online and they also make great gift items.

There are many brands of lip balms in the market, which contain harmful chemicals. Finding the right one for you can be hard but you do not have to worry about that. Become a maker of one by mixing the ingredients right in the comfort of your home. The ingredients are all around you.

It is so simple to make a batch of lip balms that perfectly suits your taste and needs. All you need are the basic ingredients: beeswax, carrier oil, flavor and color. With these ingredients in place, you can whip any variation of lip balm as the need arises.

These lip balm recipes are completely natural and give your lips that glossy appearance and smooth feel. With these balms, a little is just enough to give you softest and succulent lips you’ve ever desired.

You’ll find recipes for:
       Glossy Lip Balm
       Sparkle Lip Balm 2
       Therapeutic Lip Balm
       Winter Lip Balm
       Tropical Lip Balm
       Pink Nude Lip Balm
       Antiseptic Lip Balm
       Berry Spice Lip Balm
       Deep Moisturizing Lip Balm
       Invigorating Lip Balm
        And many more!

If you do not wear lipstick regularly, these natural homemade lip balms are great substitutes for you.

You have honey, carrier oils (coconut oil, olive oil, and almond oil), beeswax, organic butters (shea butter, cocoa butter), essential oils and food coloring all lying fallow in your closet. Why not put them to good use by producing your own lip products?


Download Your Copy and Pamper Your Lips with Nourishing Goodness!!!.
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