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Super Juice Diet Recipes: Lose Weight in 7 Days or Less With Juice Alone

Super Juice Diet Recipes: Lose Weight in 7 Days or Less With Juice Alone

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Super Juice Diet Recipes: Lose Weight in 7 Days or Less With Juice Alone

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Dec 15, 2014


Lose Weight Real Fast with SUPER JUICE DIET RECIPES

It’s so simple with the following steps:
  1. Choose the days you want to embark on a juice diet

  2. Process your fruits and vegetables into juice with your juicer

  3. Drink up to a fast body metabolism for a rapid weight loss.

This book contains an array of fruits to juice to help your body lose weight real fast in DAYS! Recipes are easy to work with to help you achieve that GREAT BODY you have always longed for. All you need is to juice the recipes and sip!

In addition to a rapid weight loss, embarking on a juice diet with give your body:
  • A fortified immune system against diseases and infections

  • A detoxified body: body cleansed inside out from unwanted and harmful elements

  • A radiant and healthy skin and hair

  • A sharp brain and mind

  • And many more.

What are you waiting for? Click download and help your body stay in enviable shape and form with these recipes
Dec 15, 2014

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Super Juice Diet Recipes - Mia James


Juice Dieting

Juice dieting is just dieting on fruit and vegetable juice alone. It is also called juice fasting or juice cleaning.

It is a detox diet in which an individual obtains body nutrients from fruit and vegetable juices alone and stays away from food consumption for a duration. It may last from a few days to weeks and the juice for this fast is produced from fresh fruits and vegetables and not the commercially available ones.

Fruits and vegetables contain nutrients that keep the body in top form and shape. These nutrients do not induce weight increase; rather they keep the body in active form by helping it shed unwanted weight.

Since fruits and vegetables do not contain fats (which cause weight increase), they are the perfect choice for losing weight.


Super Juice Diet Recipes

Lose Weight in

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