Geometric Wholeness of the Self

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Geometric Wholeness of the Self

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This book explores meaningful relationships between mathematics, sacred geometry, philosophy of the Enlightenment and the spiritual life of the psychologist Carl Jung.

In bringing all of this to light, the author examines the scared geometry of the Golden Section and the analytical geometry of little known German geometer Jacob Steiner. The book delves into the limits and failings of modern mathematics and reinstates geometry of the ancient past, including the classic Euclidian and the geometry which preceded it.

All of the book, both its philosophical and psychological ideas are expressed in the symbolism of the Geometry of the Self and the history the mandala, culminating with an analysis of the meaning of Carl Jung’s monumental Systema Munditotius Mandala.

Visit the authors’s blog posts as he drills down on some of the concepts he writes about in his book Geometric Wholeness of the Self.

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