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Dainty Lingerie

Dainty Lingerie

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Dainty Lingerie

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Sep 14, 2016


Learn to make beautiful old fashioned lingerie. This book is illustrated with black and white drawings and diagrams. Contents Include: Equipment, Materials, Cutting Out; Details of Stitchery and Seams; Openings; Edges; Decoration. This book contains classic material dating back to the 1900s and before. The content has been carefully selected for its interest and relevance to a modern audience.
Sep 14, 2016

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Dainty Lingerie - Rose H. Thorpe




ALL through the ages needlework has been the pastime, often the solace, of women. In this enlightened and electrical age, conditions are happier. Science and machinery have combined to take much of drudgery from life. At the same time mechanical control has made the need for creative self-expression more necessary than ever before. Surely there could be no more fitting medium of individual expression for women than fashioning something of loveliness.

Modern underwear as the counterpart of dress is just as susceptible to fashion; both are equally affected. The significant difference is that dress is first to register change. Lingerie must be subservient. Under no circumstance will interference with the skilfully achieved line of dress be tolerated. The only course is to co-operate. Not only must lingerie conform to line, good taste demands that it be appropriate to the type of garment also, even at times to being made of the same material. This may seem discouraging to the enthusiast eager to carry out her own ideas, but it is not so really. Simplicity and suitability are governing principles in beauty of design, while restraint may prove the needed impetus to invention. The fashioner of lingerie will find ample scope for her talents, many thrills, and much enjoyment for her leisure hours.

THE RIGHT TOOLS. The same tools are required as for plain needlework, including especially:

Sewing Machine. It may seem heresy to suggest machining fine lingerie, but that is only a tradition which dies hard. For most inside stitching the machine is a decided advantage, not only from a time-saving point of view, but because the line is more true and clearly defined.

Scissors. Two pairs. One for cutting out, 7 inches

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  • (5/5)
    well written and pictured instructions. a very worthy reference. recommended!