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Duck Breeding - A Collection of Articles on Selection, Crossing, Feeding and Other Aspects of Breeding Ducks

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This fascinating volume comprises a collection of articles on selection, crossing, feeding, and other aspects of breeding ducks. The authors of these texts have based their writing on many years' experience, and are all experts in their field. The information contained herein will be of much interest to those who occupy themselves in the breeding and keeping of ducks, making this text an both an invaluable practical resource, and a worthy addition to collections of antiquarian literature of this ilk. The articles contained herein include: 'Natural and Artificial Duck Culture – James Rankin'; 'Domestic Geese and Ducks – Paul Ives'; 'Ducks Breeding, Rearing, and Management – Reginald Appleyard'; 'Ducks, Geese, and Turkeys – L. C. Turnill'... and more. Many antique books such as this are becoming increasingly expensive and rare, and it is with this in mind that we are proudly republishing this text, now complete with a new introduction on poultry farming.

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