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Starting a Duck Farm - A Collection of Articles on Stock Selection, Rearing, Economics and Other Aspects of Duck Farming

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This volume comprises a collection of useful articles on starting a duck farm, with information on the housing, feeding, breeding, and the general care and management of ducks. Including a wealth of practical information on a variety of aspects of duck-keeping, these articles will be of much value to the novice duck-keeper, and make for worthy additions to collections of agricultural and animal-keeping literature. The articles contained within this text are: 'Ducks and Duck Breedings – Charles Roscoe'; 'Ducks: Breeding, Rearing, and Management – Reginald Appleyard'; 'Natural and Artificial Duck Culture – James Rankin'; and 'Domestic Geese and Ducks – Paul Ives'. We are proud to republish this antiquarian volume, now complete with a new introduction on poultry farming.

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