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What Do You Have For Me

What Do You Have For Me

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What Do You Have For Me

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Mar 19, 2011


An investigator for a multinational company must travel to Nigeria to investigate the disappearance of equipment, raw materials, and money.

Working as a Financial Systems Manager as his cover, the investigator must determine who, and how company assets are being stolen.

Through a series of secret interviews he determines that the corruption extends from the front gate of the office compound all the way to the top floor of the headquarters.

Along the way he is frustrated by the impediments to his investigation that are placed in his way from harassment to threats.

Mar 19, 2011

Informazioni sull'autore

Dean is a native of Denton, Texas, now living in East Texas. He worked thirty years for an oil company, traveling in Central and South America, Africa, and Europe. He retired in 2002 and began writing novels, poetry, and non fiction. You can reach him at

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What Do You Have For Me - Dean Reding


A Jungle of Corruption


Dean Reding



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What do You Have for Me

A Jungle of Corruption

Copywrite © 2011 by Dean Reding

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* * * * *

What do You Have for Me

A Jungle of Corruption


Four armed men rushed the vehicle at an entrance to the freeway where the traffic slowed to a stop waiting for a chance to enter the roadway. They brandished semi-automatic weapons and demanded the driver get out of the car. The driver killed the engine and placed the Motorola radio in the side pocket of his jacket before he stepped out of the car.

The bandits turned the guns on the passenger and opened fire. He was riddled with over fifty rounds.

The four gunmen leaped into the gray Peugeot and tried to speed away but in the traffic they could only creep along.

Once they were out of site the driver spoke into the radio, Tango 31 to base, this is Tango 31 come in. Tango 31 to base, come in.

This is base go ahead, over.

Thieves over powered me on entry to Apapa expressway from the airport road, over. The passenger is mortally wounded.

I’ll send security, over."

The police arrived before the security car from the office. The driver explained what happened. He gave the police officer a description of the car and the license plate number, and the direction in which they fled.

The security department dispatched another car to collect the driver and transport him to the office. When the security car arrived the driver got in the back seat and set off once again to the office.

They drove east on the Apapa Oworonsoi Expressway then merged right onto the Ibrahim Babangida Bridge or 3 mile bridge as was its popular name. They continued over the Lagos Lagoon finally connecting with the Third Mainland Bridge, which made an eastward concave arch into Lagos.

* * * * *

I was at home when the phone rang. I picked it up on the second ring.


Hello, Steve. This is John in New York. How have you been?

Fine. I’m taking it easy. The last assignment in Kuwait just about did me in. What’s up now?

We have a little problem in Nigeria. Someone is stealing money, equipment, oil, anything they can get access to.

Why don’t you fire them?

It’s a little more complicated than that. Now one of our employees was murdered this morning returning to the office from the airport. Can you be on a plane to New York and see me in my office tomorrow afternoon.

Yea, sure, anytime you need me.

While you’re at it you might want to pack for an extended stay. I’m sending you to Lagos when we finish our visit.

"I’ll have to rearrange some things. I’ll see you this afternoon.

I called a cab, packed my suitcase, and grabbed my brief/computer carry on, and headed to the airport. I lived 90 miles east of Dallas in Tyler, Texas. Tyler is a small town compared to places like New York and Lagos, Nigeria. The airport west of Tyler is known as Pounds Field. It took me thirty minutes to get there from the other side of town. It was a small quiet town when I moved there nine years ago, but the community grew at an alarming rate. It used take only ten minutes at the most to drive across town. The time had doubled in five years.

We turned left off Highway 64 onto the Airport Drive that approached the air terminal. The taxi pulled under the portico in front of the terminal. I unloaded my bags, paid the driver, and pulled my luggage into the terminal. There was always talk of building a new modern terminal, but for now it was a small one-gate airport with all planes arriving at the same gate.

I made a left turn inside the door to the ticketing area. We had a choice of three airlines and three destinations. Each airline had it unique destination. One flew to Austin, another to Houston, and a third to Dallas. I chose the airline that flew to Dallas since I was going to be going to Europe then Africa. When I flew domestic or to Central America and South America, I flew to Houston.

I approached the ticket agent who recognized me. Her name was Julia with a big smile and body to go with it. She doubled as the baggage handler as well. She was stout as a horse. I’d seen her wrestle some of the biggest bags off the planes with no trouble.

Mr. Glover where are we off to this time. Some place exotic I hope.

Not from what I hear, I’ll be going to Nigeria.

I’m sorry to hear that.

I need a first class ticket out of Dallas to New York. I understand the folks in New York have reservations for me on to London and Lagos."

How many bags are you checking this time.

Just one. I slid the bag through the opening under the counter.

Okay Mr. Glover, I just need to see your passport or ID.

I showed her my passport.

Here are your tickets. I have you seat 3A on flight 3420 to DFW that departs in about thirty minutes. I also have you in first class seat 2B on flight 2534 from DFW to New York. You have a good flight. I see they got you reservations out of JFK on BA to Gatwick late this afternoon and to Lagos the tomorrow.

Thanks a lot, they’re take’n care of me. I’ll see ya next time.

While waiting on my flight, I called Rhonda. Rhonda had been with me keeping me straight on my schedule, meetings and dinners. She was a short brunette, with a freckled complexion and the biggest brown eyes you ever saw. She and I met about five years ago when she needed some help at the time with a former boy friend that insisted that they should remain a couple. But, that’s another story.

She picked up immediately.

This is Steve. I got a project for you. Make sure everyone knows I’ll be out of the office for an extended time. John called and wants me in New York today. I’m at the airport now.

You’ve got a meeting tomorrow with the sheriff.

I know, just call and let him know something has come up and we will have to get together when I get back.

When should I tell him that might be?

Just tell him we’ll be in touch.

"Okay, but this might upset some folks.

I can’t help that. I’ll call you from wherever I end up. And thanks Rhonda.

"Be careful and I’ll see you when you return.

* * * * *

I sat in the waiting room of the small airport. It had only one gate so there was little doubt as to where we would be boarding the twin-engine thirty-passenger plane that would take me to Dallas in about 35 minutes flying time. I sat patiently as a couple tried to coral their two-year old as he constantly snuck out of the secured area back to the candy rack near the café.

Fortunately the plane arrived on time from DFW. After the arriving passengers deplaned twelve of us walked out of the double sliding doors, down a walkway, to the tarmac, and up the stairs to enter the plane. I quickly found my seat in 3A. No one sat next to me and luckily for me the two year old and his family went to the back of the plane. There was no assurance that I wouldn’t see the lad again during the flight. Without too much bother, we landed in Dallas fifty minutes after we boarded the flight. I had my bag checked to New York, so all I had to do was find the gate for my flight to La Guardia.

It is a little more complicated in Dallas than in my hometown. Flights making connections from small town airports sat on the tarmac until a small bus pulled up next to plane to take the passengers to the terminal. There we unloaded and walked into the main terminal where we rode an escalator up to the mail floor where the flight departure gate area.

I went to the lounge and waited. The attendant notified me when my flight was ready to leave. I walked down to gate 25 and boarded the plane. I found 2B and soon we were on our way. I read some, and worked some on my expense account. We landed in New York about 4:00 P.M.

I took a taxi to Olympic Exploration and Producing offices near the airport. I paid the taxi driver, walked into the building with my luggage.

A security guard stopped and asked, Who are you hear to see?

I have an appointment with Mr. Rubric. Can I leave my luggage with you?

We’d prefer that you did. Mr. Rubric’s office is on the top floor.

I thanked the guard and walked to the elevator. The lobby was all marble and chrome. Two chrome elevator doors opened and I entered and pushed button number 45. Three other suits rode with me. I thought, Man, am I glad I don’t have to do this executive act any more. They got off at the 34th floor and I was by my self. The door opened and the receptionist greeted me as I got off the elevator.

Mr. Glover, it’s good to see.

"It is good to see you Rose.

I had known Rose for many years. She was loyal employee, especially to John. She led me into a small wood paneled room with eight chairs surrounding a round table. I took a seat in one of the plush executive chairs and waited.

Steve, is there anything I can get you while you wait.

No, I’m fine.

Mr. Rubric should be right in.

I waited and looked at the plush surroundings and wondered if any executives really knew what’s going on. They are so isolated from the rest of society. I didn’t have to wait long.

Good afternoon Steve. How was your flight?

It was fine. It’s good to see you. How’s the family?

Great. I haven’t much time today. I’ve a meeting across town this evening. Let’s get right to the point.

Sounds good to me.

We’ve got a problem in our office in Nigeria. We think one of the managers may be behind all the problems were facing. We got equipment, supplies, and money missing from the company.

Why don’t you just fire him?

"He has a great deal of influence in the country. Now, someone’s been murdered. I don’t know if it’s connected. I suspect it is.

Why do you think so? The fellow was coming back from Abuja the capital after a meeting with the Minister of Petroleum. The discussions were on the well being of the communities in Niger delta where most of the oil production is located. Any attempt to help the locals will bring stability to the region. There are elements within the country and company as well that don’t want that to occur."

Why not?

These guys relish chaos. They can work much easier if there is a constant state of agitation between the communities, the oil companies, and the government.

Don’t you have policies and procedures in place to combat this kind of activity? What does the manager of accounting say?

We think he may be in on it. We removed him on the ruse of a temporary assignment in the US. That might be a temporary solution to our problem. His replacement will be in place when you arrive. You and he should work together. He will need a lot of help.

Why didn’t you fire him?

You can’t fire people in Nigeria, especially ones that’ve got a great deal of time with the company and are close to the mandatory retirement age.

What do you have in mind? If I go in what’s my cover?

You’re our new Manager of Financial Information System in the Lagos office. You’ll have responsibility for our area accounting office in Lagos and Warri as well.

You’ve got to be kidding. I haven’t worked in that field in a long time.

Once you get there and get your feet on the ground, we’ll bring you back for some training to get you up to speed on the new system we plan to implement there. I want you to go there, get set up, meet everyone, and do some work flow analysis.

Where is Warri?

"Warri is a town with a population of about a million southeast of Lagos in Niger delta reigion of the country.

Must be nice. Okay, this should be interesting. Who’s my boss?"

You’re reporting as far as the new system is concerned is to Vogel Blecker who is the Assistant Managing Director (AMD) Business Operations. Your investigative work report to me. There is a confidential pouch mail that from New York to Lagos everyday. You put the reports in the lockbox yourself, and It’s not opened until it arrives at my office. I know this is sudden and there is not much to go on, but Vogel is a good man and will get you up to speed when you arrive.

Well, John, I think you’ve put me in it again, haven’t you?

Yea, but you’re the best at this sort of thing. I’ve got to run. Rose will see you to the airport.

I’ll be in touch. See you soon John.

Rose came in as John left the room. She had a big smile on her face. I didn’t know how to take it. Either she was happy for me or she knew something I didn’t and probably didn’t want to know.

John said, Steve I’ve gotta run and you’ve a flight in a couple of hours. Rose’ll take care of you.

Yea, I think it is 7:30 P.M. We had better hurry.

* * * * *

Rose waited for me outside John’s office and we went downstairs to the parking garage where a driver waited for us as we exited

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