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Abramovich: The Billionaire from Nowhere

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‘An incredible story’ – Mail on Sunday;
‘Well researched and fluently written’ – The Times;
‘Draws a picture of a man of immense ruthlessness, nerve and charm . . . offers a Vanity Fair of Russian oligarchy’ – The Spectator;
'A superb insight into the Chelsea boss . . . a must read for both football fans and business tycoons’ – Sunday Business Post;
‘A well-researched investigation into the life and times of Chelsea’s owner’ – World Soccer;
‘The first sustained effort to uncover the making of Chelsea’s oligarch’ – Guardian’;
‘Authors Dominic Midgley and Chris Hutchins go to commendable lengths to tell the story’ – Sunday Times;
'Where this book sets itself apart is in its quest to discover Abramovich’s true identity. Interviews with his childhood friends, neighbours and teachers in Russia offer an original perspective on the man while access to the informed such as Boris Berezovsky, his one-time mentor, provides a picture of a canny dealmaker and consummate politician’ – The Times’.

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