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Butterflies & Blues

Butterflies & Blues

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Butterflies & Blues

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Jul 19, 2016


-When it comes to emotions there are no structures. There are no names for every single feeling. There are no chapters signifying sameness. You can wake up every day with a different sentiment about the same thing. When it comes to love and pain...butterflies and blues... you just never know how it’ll flow through you.

Such is love.
Such is life.
Such is this collection.

Jul 19, 2016

Informazioni sull'autore

Rachel spent most of her youth in South Carolina, but it was in Georgia where she found her pen. She began writing regularly at the age of 17. She later earned the name Poetic Ray. Venturing into spoken word, Poetic Ray performed on Atlanta's own radio station V-103 three years in a row, and she graced the mic at several spoken word venues: Apache Cafe, Mocha Match, Vibes Nightclub, etc. Her first book of poems was self published through, followed by 4 others and 2 novelettes titled Consequences and Repercussions. She is working on several novels: one, the completion the first two! Poetic Ray is also a writer of stage plays and songs, and she plans to produce a spoken word cd in the future. She earned her BA in English in 2014.

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Butterflies & Blues - Poetic Ray

Butterflies & Blues

(Poetic Heartbeats of a Bipolar Lover)

Life isn’t fueled by the flutter of butterfly wings, and blues don’t only sing in the sky.

~Poetic Ray

I’ve asked myself over and over why I’d dedicate an entire book to hard feelings on the wrong side of love. I had to figure out a reason.

Well I figured out the reason.

This is to remind me of what I never want to experience again… how I never want to hurt this way again… why I never want to love this wrong again. This is to remind me to be kinder to myself and live.

I lived for the butterflies, but I died from the blues.

I’ve watched butterflies revive

And learn to breathe as they flapped their wings against heartbeats

During the briefest moment of eye contact

That caused strings to attach

I’ve witnessed all kinds of magic

And I think it’s tragic

To have experienced such a thing with so many nonbelievers

Of sparks and stars

Those who never hear the theme music in backgrounds…

We go back and forth

Between brick and pine

But we can find possibilities

In made up minds

…if only we knew

He loves me


The same…

The same as he ‘loved’ every other dame


In a way that sucked the melody right out of the song I was sure everybody could sing along to

Yeah he loves me


The same

Which is not at all

The love of my life went and got himself a wife

But he wants me to hold his hand

The one without the wedding band

Slightly flawed with scars and false promises

And while it is on his right side, it is wrong

As the one ‘left’ upholds his vows

He takes that hand and builds a life with firewalls

And no windows for the truth to be seen

But textually, yeah I know what marriage means

Forever and all sorts of other shared dreams

Leaving the nightmares for me

Because he knows that I love him

So why would I let him grieve

He paints a picture of a monster with whom he sleeps

Yet he continues to lay with her forever

Begging me to hang in the balance for his whenever and whatever

All the echoes that resonates the sound of never

Sounds that I’m not supposed to hear

In this bubble of supposed love

He won’t leave me be and I won’t push or shove him away

It hurts like heaven being sent to hell everyday

So I hold his hand

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