Natural Home and Health Remedies We Use

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Natural Home and Health Remedies We Use

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Our Grandparents, Great Grandparents and all the generations before them, relied on mainly homemade household and health care remedies for all their basic needs. These remedies are the one we use regularly, they have proven themselves to be effective over many generations, are environmentally friendly, safe to use and cost a fraction of the cost of commercially available preparations that are almost always detrimental to our health and the environment in general. We first started using them because of our concerns with the hazardous chemicals and compounds in all store brought body care products and household cleaners. We were also faced with a severely restricted budget and had to find ways of trimming our expenses to the absolute minimum to obtain a reasonable standard of living. Using the remedies in this book we reduced our monthly expenses by about 30% and are confident we will avoid many of the chronic illnesses such as cancers, lung and respiratory conditions, high blood and heart disease that are associated with the toxic elements found in most everyday products that most people use freely around their homes and environments.

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