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Organic Tobacco Growing in America: And Other Earth-Friendly Farming

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Organic Tobacco Growing in America: And Other Earth-Friendly Farming

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When a small company dedicated to doing things differently decided some twenty years ago to make as natural a tobacco product as possible, they turned to America’s tobacco farmers and proposed an unheard of proposition: How about growing organic tobacco? Today, demand for organic tobacco leaf is doubling each year. But when it was first proposed, there were more than a few skeptics. Now, many are looking at the growing practices and sustainable farming techniques developed by this small group of pioneers. Here’s the colorful history behind this new old way of farming. Organic Tobacco Growing in America is a quintessential American story of applying vision and values to innovation. More than just a practical guide on how and why to embrace organic growing, this is a story that stretches from its American Indian-inspired beginnings in the windswept high desert of northern New Mexico to the fabled tobacco roads of the southeast. Along the way, meet the growers who learned how organic farming of not just tobacco, but vegetables and other produce as well, is returning the principles of nature back to the family farm. This is a story about the rebirth of a lifestyle—a way of life that once was and now is meant to be again—for a world that yearns for sustainable, earth-friendly farming.
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