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Microwave Non-Veg

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Microwave Non-Veg

Lunghezza: 155 pagine47 minuti


Microwave Non-Veg provides relief from the monotonous, conventional and time consuming cooking. Keeping the sub-continent and international taste bud in mind it gives tips on microwave cooking. It effortlessly moves from preparing soups to cooking tantalizing mutton, chicken, fish and egg preparations. Which Indian treat is complete without its rice dishes? Ms. Menon’s cook book gives detailed guidance in preparing rice dishes that range from the traditional chicken biryani to the exotic mixed meat rice and prawn pulao. In order to provide variety and flavor to Microwave cooking, Ms. Menon’s book is also spiced with recipes to prepare cakes, pickles, and dishes from international cooking.

Guided by a step-by-step explanation of the recipes, you will realize that cooking is relatively quick and the results completely rewarding. Surely, you won’t just like Sarojini Menon’s Guide to Microwave cooking, you will love it.
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