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Arne Bryan: Pioneer of Prayer Canada

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Arne Bryan: Pioneer of Prayer Canada

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This is the story of an Alberta cowboy who lives his Christian life with the heart of a navy commando.
Arne Bryan, pioneer of Prayer Canada, simply obeyed the call of God to raise up Christian prayer for Canada’s leaders at all levels of government. He did it in his own way–just being the man that God made him. Watch how God moulded him through both historic and personal challenges. Catch his infectious faith as you read how he inspired hundreds of faithful prayer warriors to maintain a constant prayer watch for the men and women in parliaments and councils across this country.
Arne Bryan had already lived a good lifespan when the call of God came to him. Why him? Why then? And how did he overcome the impossibilities of the huge job the Lord wanted him to do?
“This is a carefully-crafted, easy-to-read account of an amazing man. As a Member of Parliament, I was grateful to know that Arne and his gang lifted me up in prayer, year after year. I have been blessed by his faithfulness.” Deborah Grey, P.C., O.C., L.L.D. Ret’d Member of Parliament
“Arne Bryan has been persistent in his love for Canada. He’s a softy but he comes across rough for people who do not know him, because his passion outruns him. When we hear the genuineness of his message and his complete belief that prayer can change things, then people are mesmerized by his message.” TV Thomas, Evangelist
“His radar is so set to the Holy Spirit. He knows which way to go.” Marcus Unger, Board Member, Prayer Canada
“We need to listen to what this man is saying about praying in City Hall.” Mayor Tom Mason, Williams Lake 1979
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