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Get Connected

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Get Connected

Lunghezza: 153 pagine1 ora

Descrizione a deeper connection with people can better your life in every way.

The aim of this book is to help you GET CONNECTED again in the true sense of the word.
The book will help you to understand what it means to truly be ‘connected’ on all levels and thus live the successful and happy life you were meant to.
If you are truly connected on all layers of your life – the self, the inner circle, the outer circle and the world at large – everything else will naturally fall into place – your life will be the masterpiece it can and should be.
To obtain success, peace, happiness, love or whatever your heart desires, you need to re-establish true connectivity on every layer of your being. Care about and connect with yourself and you will learn to care for and connect with others – those closest to you and those you will never even meet. Do this and see how amazingly, the puzzle pieces of your life simply fall into place.
Don’t be afraid to connect - it’s through connecting the dots of our lives (all the people in our lives and around us) that we are able to create a beautiful picture – the masterpiece that is our lives.
The human race, the rat race, the race for time – it all makes sense only when we understand that it’s all connected – we’re all connected and it’s only in discovering these connections and building on them to make them stronger, that our lives are made whole and complete.

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