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Nov 1, 2013


The veggie-saurs and the meat-eaters face off in the Mega-Bowl! Sacks and hand-offs. Touchdowns and interceptions. When dinos don shoulder pads, the action is sure to be epic. But as the clock ticks down, will the Scales make a goal-line stand or will the Blades break through for the winning TD?

Nov 1, 2013

Informazioni sull'autore

Lisa Wheeler is the award-winning author of the Dino-Sports books. When she isn't running around the country visiting schools, standing at podiums, and eating airport snacks, she resides in Michigan.

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Dino-Football - Lisa Wheeler

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  • (4/5)
    I recently received an ARC of this book and read it with my 5 year old son.

    His thoughts:
    1. He loved the pictures. They were bright and full of action and kept his interest throughout.
    2. He loved the competition aspect of the story. He picked a favorite team and rooted for them through the entire story just as if he were watching a real football game on tv.
    3. This book made him feel like he had something in common with his dad who loves football.

    My thoughts:
    1. I agree that the illustrations were fantastic. They were colorful and made us laugh.
    2. The story itself is cute and is exciting when read aloud - reminiscent of a sports announcer calling plays during a live game. This really kept my son engaged and excited about the book.
    3. There are quite a few football terms that many kids - younger children in particular - may not understand (for example: "Holding. Penalty declined," "tailgating," "coin toss" among others). My son did not understand all of these terms but we were able to have a conversation afterward about what they meant. For some kids this is a good opportunity to become more familiar with the game. For others this may detract from the story.
    4. As other reviewer's have noted, this would not be a book I would recommend for beginning readers. There are lots of words that are not easy to "sound-out" - the dinosaur names in particular. I don't think this necessarily detracts from the book as long as you understand that before purchasing. I think this book is best when read aloud to the child.

    Overall this was a fun read and would be enjoyed by any sports and/or dinosaur fan.
  • (3/5)
    A silly way of introducing names of dinosaurs and how they "live." Fun story for most ages and even just as a short read can be very informative, but I wasn't thrilled by the story line, possibly boys will like it more.
  • (2/5)
    Merging two popular subjects into a fun, lively story.