The Streets of Harlem Part 2

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The Streets of Harlem Part 2

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The Streets of Harlem (part 2) explains everything that the first edition could not! Lester Marrow explains how Class-ism of today becomes our newest form of Racism. Keywords related to this gripping novel should give a better detail of what's installed ... The Generation Gap, Drug Related, Romance, Ignorance, Road to Recovery, The Music Industry, Ball Players, Politrixx, Organizations, Film Making, Problems, Solutions, Lovers, Haters, Strippers, Gays, Lesbians, Convictions, The Law, The Job, The Reasons, Murder, Robbery, Education, Loyalty, Leaders, Presidents, Rich People Poor People Terrorist, Politicians, Life, Death, The Past, The Present and The Future.. "IF You're not the part of the solution You're the part of the problem"
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