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Dim Sum Street Food Recipes Cookbook

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Dim Sum Street Food Recipes Cookbook

Valutazione: 5 stelle su 55/5 (1 recensione)
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Hi, I'm Jenny Chang, I'm from Hong Kong and I have a real passion for food.

Not just any food but real authentic asian street food that you find in some of the most unlikeliest but best kitchens I have discovered throughout Asia

Being brought up in Hong Kong, the sights, smell and tastes of food was all around me. Having spent time with my mother from a young age watching and helping her and many of her friends prepare and cook simple food for visitors to the Temple Street Night market and jut seeing the looks on their faces as they ate some of the best chinese food they have ever tasted and kept coming back for more.

Many of these people were staying in the most luxurious hotels with their award winning restaurants, yet they still chose to eat the food being prepared on the "street"!

Just watching ther faces as they came back for more, these images and memories are etched in my mind.

In recent years, my food journey has taken me to some of the best places to eat in all of the major cities and towns throughtout asia and I'm not talking about 5 star restaurants but to some of the best street foot cafes and hawkers stalls who have prepared some of the most delicious, no frills and simple street foods you will ever taste... anywhere!

I want to share my food experiences and discovereies with you in this book and other publications and I have prepared some simple and fast step by step recipes you can cook in your own home costing pennies to prepare and cook..

I hope you enjoy

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