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Sweets by the Season: Low Carb Recipe Magic

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Sweets by the Season: Low Carb Recipe Magic

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We celebrate holidays year round with family, friends, and good food. All those wonderful desserts can really put a bulge in your waistline when you're trying to stick with a low carbohydrate lifestyle.

The good news is that you don't have to deprive yourself of those holiday treats. Most of the recipes in this book can be easily made with low carb flours, including almond flour and coconut flour, meaning the carbohydrates in a serving are all under ten effective (net) carbs per serving. Most are much lower than that. The assorted recipes are arranged by the season and cover most of the standard holidays. You'll find recipes for pumpkin pie, cranberry tortes, cookies, sweet rolls, cakes and more.

Low carb can be deliciously sweet. See for yourself, because low carb doesn't have to be boring!

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