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The Captain's Log

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The Captain's Log

Lunghezza: 275 pagine2 ore


Cruise ships can be compared to small floating cities, and unlike their counterparts ashore, they actually move around. This makes them unique, as one day a ship can be found in Manhattan, and a few weeks later she could be in the South China Sea.
This book is about 'normal' everyday people who sail on these ships, who just like their counterparts ashore do have their faults, their hopes and at times achieve their share of greatness.
The captain sits at the top of the ships pyramid and if he listens well, hears most of what happens on board his ship. Shifting through the enormous pile of material, I decided to use almost exclusively stories which were funny to (almost) all involved.
Every chapter you will read, truly happened. The characters, truly existed, although I did change names and ships around a bit. This book is a picture of my life and undoubtedly that of many others who have spend a considerable time at sea.
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