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The Church of Darwin: Dogmas of evolution and the scientists that criticize it
The Church of Darwin: Dogmas of evolution and the scientists that criticize it
The Church of Darwin: Dogmas of evolution and the scientists that criticize it
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The Church of Darwin: Dogmas of evolution and the scientists that criticize it

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What happens when science falls into the trap of dogma and ideologies? What happens is that any attempt to undermine these dogmas is seen as an anti-scientific attitude; the best example of this situation It can be seen in the theories of evolution since Darwin... But today these theories not only are not confirmed by actual evidence, they are the all unsustainable. Many scientists from the pack, had the courage to denounce the ideology of evolutionists and their dogmatism, but have punctually suffered ostracism and threats. It is not, as in America, the sterile debate between evolutionists and creationists biblical; geneticists, biologists molecular, and many other paleontologists now say the evidence of a Intelligent design, a design of every living system. This idea was accepted by men like Voltaire and like Leonardo were also ... their fanatics of the Bible? No, simply they accepted intelligence as a cause of an order, of an information. This paper analyzes the studies of dissident scientists, of all those who, by real heretics, have no accepted the dogmas of the “Church of Darwin.”
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The Church of Darwin: Dogmas of evolution and the scientists that criticize it
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    The Church of Darwin - Valentino Bellucci

    Valentino Bellucci



    Dogmas of evolution and the

    scientists that criticize it

    (What scientists who criticize evolutionism affirm

    and why an official debate has never been opened)

    Note to the readers: All references in the footnotes and bibliography, citing books and passages, refer to the original research in the Italian language.

    The majority of these quotes and footnotes that have been translated into English were from the original Italian version and therefore books and pages listed correspond only to the author’s research in Italian.,

    Vivian Mary Dominici

    All rights on this book are reserved by the author. Without the written permission of the author, you may not copy, print, or distribute all or parts of this work in any format. This includes audio, digital or any other medium currently in use or not yet invented and also any form of streaming of the above.

    All rights on this book are reserved by Harmakis Edizioni

    Division S.E.A. Servizi Editoriali Avanzati,

    Registered office in Via Del Mocarini, 11 - 52025 Montevarchi (AR) ITALY

    Headquarters the same aforementioned.

    Editorial Director: Paola Agnolucci



    ISBN 978-88-98301-44-7

    Translation by Vivian Mary Dominici

    © Layout and graphic processing: Sara Barbagli

    What we know of life on a molecular level

    is the result of uncountable experiments …[…]

    The result of cumulative efforts to investigate the cell—to

    investigate life at the molecular level—is a loud, clear, piercing

    cry of ‘design!’ The result is so unambiguous and so

    significant that it must be ranked as one of the

    greatest achievements in the history of science.

    The discovery rivals those of Newton and Einstein ¹

    Michael Behe, Biochemist

    I’ve come to the conclusion that Darwinism is not a testable

    scientific theory, but a metaphysical research program.²

    Karl Popper, Philosopher

    ..I’m not an evolutionist…[…] it is thanks to a strange species of

    illusions that one imagines these steps.³

    Paul Valéry, Writer

    The claw of a shrimp, the multifaceted eye of the fly, or the apparatus

    of flight of the beetle are perfect accomplishments that have no need

    for improvement and of which evolution cannot be traced.

    […] The facts are far from this simplistic vision

    of the world that is evolutionism, this theory that

    wants to be a scientific solution but is none other than a dogma.

    We are in full myth, at the center of a colossal scientific falsity.

    Jean Servier, Etymologist, Sociologist and Historian

    1 . M. Behe, Darwin’s Black Box, 1996 Free Press

    2 . K. Popper, Unended Quest: An Intellectual Autobiography, 1974, p. 168.

    3 . P. Valéry, Quaderni. Volume quinto, Adelphi, Milano 2002, pag. 425.

    4 . J. Servier, L’uomo e l’invisibile. Saggio di etnologia, Borla editore, Torino 1967, pag. 24 e 16.


    "What is the meaning of human life, or of organic life altogether? To answer this question at all implies a religion.

    Is there any sense then, you ask, in putting it? I answer, the man who regards his own life and that of his fellow-creatures as meaningless is not merely unfortunate but almost disqualified for life."

    Albert Einstein

    Is life by chance or by design? And if it is design, for what purpose? Has the theory of evolution, prevailing since the time of Darwin, really been demonstrated? Are there, though, scientists that do not hold it valid? Does affirming the reality of a design perforce mean being a Creationist? In this book I will try to demonstrate in a clear and synthetic way what does not add up in the evolutionistic theory and why there is significant resistance to its every criticism, not so much from certain religious leaders but from scholars from around the world. In 2001, the Discovery Institute published a petition from 800 scientists from all over the planet who wanted to distance themselves from the Darwinian evolutionary theory: We absolutely don’t believe the hypothesis that casual mutations and natural selection are able to account for the complexity of biological life. A critical exam of the Darwinian theory should be encouraged.⁶ Participants of this petition included biologists, chemists, physicists and even mathematicians! Despite this, the proclamation did not have appropriate media coverage and no debate on an academic level was ever proposed for serious critical examination on Darwinism or neo-Darwinism. Strange. At this point, every reader smelled something funny…the fact is that the scientific world is not a world without ideologies, without power games and without cultural and psychological prejudices… they are human scientists, too human… after all it’s easy enough to understand the terror of the dominating scientific world: "more than one of our colleagues have told us that, even Darwin was substantially wrong to sustain that natural selection is the mechanism of evolution, however we shouldn’t say it.

    Not in public anyway."⁷ Why this code of silence? A code of silence hides interests tied to power and fear… What are scientists afraid of? To say that the theory of evolution is not supported means to open the doors to an intelligence, to a deus, a cosmic architect… and the American Biochemist Michael Behe knows well and writes in all honesty: "Why doesn’t the scientific community avidly hurl itself on this staggering discovery? Why is the affirmation of design handled with gloves by the intellectual? The problem is that, while one side of an elephant is labeled as ‘Intelligent Design’, the other could be labeled as ‘God’."⁸ They are searing labels…Galileo Galilei knew that well, he risked the stake for telling the truth…the Galilean episode caused a major fracture between science and religion, a sort of irreversible divorce; in the 1700’s and 1800’s the scientific world tried in many ways to acquire total independence, reaching a real either/or: science or religion!

    But this approach, even though justified from a historical point of view, is no longer supported. A truly free society cannot reject, a priori, the existence of a cosmic intelligence for fear of giving ground to a religious institution who tortured and burned millions of people… sure, psychologically it is an act of self defense, but still there are other questions. It is not only the Christian religion that exists, not only dogmas and inquisitions that exist… there are millenary spiritual traditions that have never shed a drop of blood and in these traditions God saw with other eyes, rather with other paradigms… furthermore a man like Voltaire, who was certainly not kind towards the Church, wrote clearly and rationally: When you see an insect, a snail, a mouse, you see an infinite art that no human has the ability to imitate: therefore an infinitely able artist is needed, that who the sage call God.⁹ Voltaire, one of Enlightenments greats, wasn’t afraid of the idea of God, because he knew well that intellectual honesty must always go beyond every prejudice. In the following pages I will present to the readers the scientific studies neither belonging to a religious ideology or a materialistic ideology; it is simply a search for the truth; such a search, for Einstein, relates to a rapturous amazement of harmony of natural law, which reveals an intelligence of such superiority that, compared with it, all the systematic thinking and acting of human beings is an utterly insignificant reflection.¹⁰

    Valentino Bellucci, Ancona 2014-08-11

    5 . A. Einstein, Il mondo come io lo vedo, Filiquarian Publishing, LLC., 2006

    6 . www.dissentfromdarwin.org

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    Chapter 1

    Darwin’s Honesty

    If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ system existed which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down. ¹¹

    Charles Darwin

    Charles Darwin had many doubts and he didn’t hide that fact. He wasn’t

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