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The Church of Darwin: Dogmas of evolution and the scientists that criticize it

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What happens when science falls into the trap of dogma and ideologies? What happens is that any attempt to undermine these dogmas is seen as an anti-scientific attitude; the best example of this situation It can be seen in the theories of evolution since Darwin... But today these theories not only are not confirmed by actual evidence, they are the all unsustainable. Many scientists from the pack, had the courage to denounce the ideology of evolutionists and their dogmatism, but have punctually suffered ostracism and threats. It is not, as in America, the sterile debate between evolutionists and creationists biblical; geneticists, biologists molecular, and many other paleontologists now say the evidence of a Intelligent design, a design of every living system. This idea was accepted by men like Voltaire and like Leonardo were also ... their fanatics of the Bible? No, simply they accepted intelligence as a cause of an order, of an information. This paper analyzes the studies of dissident scientists, of all those who, by real heretics, have no accepted the dogmas of the “Church of Darwin.”

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