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Another Election? How the Voting System Works in Australia

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Australia is one of the few democracies in the world that has compulsory voting. Despite forcing all citizens to vote, many Australians are unsure about how the voting system works. Most have never been taught the details of the system. There is uncertainty in the general population regarding:
- What "preferential voting" means?
- What are the advantages of "preferential voting"?
- How is it different to "first past the post"?
- What is the difference between the House of Representatives and the Senate?
- How is each House voted for?
- What is the difference between a local member and a State Senator?
- How do we vote for each?
- Why are there the same number of Senators for each State, even though some States have so few people in them compared to the heavily populated ones?
- How has the voting system for the Senate changed since new laws were passed in early 2016?
- What are some of the differences between the political parties that I am being asked to vote for and choose between?

Agghh! ...

If you have wondered about any of the above questions, or if you find yourself unsure about the answers to them, then this book is for you. Jim Reiher clearly and carefully takes us through the nuts and bolts of how voting works in Australia. By the end of this small up-to-date book, you will be an informed voter who actually knows how best to use that vote you are required to cast, each election!

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