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06: Yes, I Can Do Business in the Internet

06: Yes, I Can Do Business in the Internet

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06: Yes, I Can Do Business in the Internet

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Apr 5, 2016


The current global trend is that all organizations must be present in the virtual world. This seems an absolute truth, it is not so, or at least it is not to the extent and in the manner in which this new global reality faces. This work focuses on how to design the virtual organization, especially the business model, which is crucial for success in this competitive environment.
The business model should be developed by who knows more the Organization, usually the creator or highest authority. It is not a technical issue, as many believe; the technical part is the easiest and Technology develops and changes frequently, while business decisions should be long-term. After developing each of the components of the business model, the work includes an Enterprise Virtual Plan or Internet Plan, which is a checklist of all the activities that need to be developed to ensure that creating the virtual entity has been correct. Success will depend on the professional work of its members.

Apr 5, 2016

Informazioni sull'autore

I am related, since 1995, to Higher Education, as teacher and academic coordinator, with five years of previous experience at the National Institute for Research and Development of Education - INIDE and over 30 years as Chief and Manager in companies prestige and exhibitor about education and business, organizing and leading teams of professionals. I have training in Management, Philosophy, Theology, piloting aircraft, Cinema, Computers. I practiced and I practice in all these specialties. I have been CEO of several companies, a professor at two universities in computer courses and Marketing, Academic Coordinator, course creator, mentions in titles and diplomas. Estoy vinculado, desde 1995, a la Educación Superior, como Docente y Coordinador Académico, con cinco años de experiencia previa, en el Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Desarrollo de la Educación – INIDE y más de 30 años de trabajo como Jefe y Gerente en empresas de prestigio y expositor en temas de Educación y Negocios, organizando y liderando equipos de profesionales. Tengo formación en Administración, Filosofía, Teología, Pilotaje de Aeronaves, Cine, Informática. He practicado y practico en todas estas especialidades. He sido Gerente General de varias empresas, docente en dos Universidades, en cursos de Informática y Marketing, Coordinador Académico, creador de cursos, menciones en títulos y Diplomados. Para conocerme más:

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06 - Jesus Roberto Torriani Vargas

The Series 6 Yes I can Keys to Success

06 - Yes I can do business in the Internet

Jesus Roberto Torriani Vargas

Smashwords edition

Copyright 2015 Jesus Roberto Torriani Vargas

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License of use


What is needed to start an Internet business?

Evolution of Marketing and Technology

Definition of Electronic Commerce

Business model

Scheme Business Model


Target audiences

Customer Profile


Digital Product

Shipping Product

The Price

Shipping Costs


Other Sources of Income

Forms of Sale

Forms of Payment

Forms of Delivery (Distribution)

Forms of Promotion and Advertising

Identification of direct competition

Affiliate Programs

Enterprise Virtual Plan or Internet plan

About the author

Other works by the author

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It's nothing new to say that, thanks to communications, the world is getting smaller, because within seconds we can communicate with people who are in any country in the world, not only voice but also image. The integration of all communication systems and data processing is complete.

We are at a moment of transition what we know as the WEB 2.0 and 3.0 that are entering quickly. While Web 1.0 user only received the information that the Administrator of a network or a website published and had very little opportunity to interact with it, in Web 2.0 are all producers and consumers of multimedia information, ie, text, images, sounds like music, videos, etc. .

Web 3.0 brings two important advances, semantic networks and artificial intelligence, which will allow you to understand the information, locating information in conversation with the user, as if he were dealing with a person.

Just imagine what will be able to do in this new virtual reality in relation to business and, specifically related to marketing.



What is needed to start an Internet business?

Many people ask me what it takes to start and, right now, an Internet business; as we will see later, you can do business having or not your own website; in this case, the question is aimed at business with own website; the simplest answer is:

An Internet server, which can be own or hosted (hosting), that is, renting a space in the computer of a company that is dedicated to that business, using that business model;

A domain-name itself, ie, an address, a URL, which is formatted (.com, .edu, .org, .tv, etc.)

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