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The Sea and The Sand

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The Sea and The Sand

Lunghezza: 28 pagine25 minuti


This is a story about two young turtles who always dreamed of seeing another world. Henry, a sea turtle, has always looked out from the sea and saw lights shining behind the dunes and wondered what they were. Davie, the land turtle, is the opposite. He has heard many stories of turtles living in the sea and wants nothing more than to see the under water life. One night, their wishes come true. Henry now gets to walk the boardwalk over the beach and feel the hard ground as he runs. Davie sees the wonderful, bright world of a reef. The two turtles could not be happier. Until they realize they can only switch for a day. If they do not return back to the beach by midnight, they will stuck in their new body forever. The turtles race back not to miss their deadline but they must fight time, cars, and sharks, if they want to return home. In the end, both turtles see the grass is not always greener on the other side and there's nothing wrong with being who you are. Along the way they meet new animals, make new friends, and learn to love who and what they are.

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