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Summer of '69

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Summer of '69

Lunghezza: 63 pagine52 minuti


It’s the summer of Woodstock and the Moon landing, but for sixteen-year-old Nate, vacationing with his family on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, the real excitement is considerably closer to home. The Establishment’s in serious trouble when long-lost “Aunt” Penny shows up for a visit. A free-spirited flower child, Penny’s the hippest, most exciting, worldly woman Nate’s ever known, an irrepressible exhibitionist with a talent for finding fun and getting everybody else into trouble along the way.

“1969 was my summer of love; the summer Aunt Penny taught me how to juggle; the summer I finally got the hang of driving a clutch, lost my virginity and my stutter, all on the same incredible night. It was the summer of one small step that changed the course of history for all mankind, and of one giant leap that changed a lonely boy’s life forever.”

“Summer of ‘69” is the funny, sometimes poignant story of classic rock, not-so-cool cars, and the agonies of puberty; sex and the generation gap, the clash of cultures and the games people play for a thrill. A story about coming of age and coming into your own; learning to stand up for yourself and the ones you love; finding your place in a world that doesn’t want to understand, and finding your true voice in the last place you’d ever expect.

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