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50 Fully Raw Vegan Breakfast Recipes: 50 Recipes - The Collection, #1

50 Fully Raw Vegan Breakfast Recipes: 50 Recipes - The Collection, #1

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50 Fully Raw Vegan Breakfast Recipes: 50 Recipes - The Collection, #1

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Jan 28, 2016


50 Nutritious and delicious breakfast recipes for Fully Raw Vegan Diets. Enjoy my recipes with your family and live healthier.

~Silvia Shamus

Jan 28, 2016

Informazioni sull'autore

Silvia Shamus  is a lifelong lover of health and wellness. She has a background as an entrepreneur and homemaker. She loves educating and inspiring others to live a life filled with vigor. 

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50 Fully Raw Vegan Breakfast Recipes - Silvia Shamus


Why I Wrote This Book

I wrote this book because years ago I was a very busy mom having a newborn at home, while not feeling so great health wise. I became a vegetarian after many years and personal struggles.

I really wanted to do things my way and eat what I wanted when I wanted, but my body was no longer not having any of that. I had to find solutions and the Vegan and Vegetarian diets helped me immensely.

Not only did my immediate health problems went away, but I felt so much more alive and was able to fit in my my husband and oldest kids that had already made this good health transformation before me.

I was the odd one who did not fit in for a while and held on to meat and other animal products. Ironically, once I took the plunge and pulled out all the stops, I became the one leading the charge for my family.

I have done thousands of hours of research during the years that  I was slowly making the change. I  have tried recipe after recipe during that time and found myself disappointed that some of the authors did not know the difference between raw food and cooked food.

This book was created out of love to help many of you to make the change with the correct recipes and info that people like myself had to struggle to piece together. Even if you only have your breakfast as Raw Vegan and the rest of your meals are not raw, I believe you may see a huge health benefit.

In the writing of 50 FULLY RAW VEGAN BREAKFAST RECIPES, I have finally been able to give back, pay it forward and help others achieve results for themselves too. This is very satisfying to me and I pray you will gain much goodness from this book.

Why You Should Read This Book

This book will help you gain the knowledge of how to correctly make breakfast recipes that are both delicious and raw vegan. It will give you the knowledge of what equipment is necessary in your kitchen in order to make them.

One of the booby traps people encounter when pursuing raw vegan diets or lifestyle is the belief that only fruits and vegetables make up a raw vegan staple diet. Due to this, many people may experience health challenges or unpleasant side effects.

The most important is having enough amount of the right nutrition. You also need to feel alive while pursuing healthier eating choices. If done correctly, the raw vegan lifestyle can give you so much more vibrant life back to you and your

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