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Characteristics of Spirit-led Prayer: The Bible Teacher's Guide

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Characteristics of Spirit-led Prayer: The Bible Teacher's Guide

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Do you ever struggle with how to pray? Do you struggle with what words to say or knowing if you're praying exactly God's will? 

In Colossians 1:9-14, Paul prays God's will for the Colossian church, who he had never met and who was being attacked by a dangerous cult. We are sure this prayer was God's will and Spirit–led because God chose to include it in Scripture as an example for us. As we glean its riches, we can discern many characteristics of Spirit-led prayer which will strengthen our personal and corporate prayer life. Let's study it together with the Bible Teacher's Guide: 

"Helpful to both the laymen and the serious student, The Bible Teacher's Guide, by Dr. Greg Brown, is outstanding!" 
—Dr. Neal Weaver, President of Louisiana Baptist University 

"Expositional, theological, and candidly practical! I highly recommend The Bible Teacher's Guide for anyone seeking to better understand or teach God's Word." 
—Dr. Young–Gil Kim, Founding President of Handong Global University

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