The Abortion Papers Ireland: Volume 2

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The Abortion Papers Ireland: Volume 2

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The Abortion Papers is a unique edited collection that provides key reflections and scholarship on the Irish abortion regime generated in the period between the 1992 X case, the death of Savita Halappanavar in 2012 and the subsequent introduction in 2013 of limited abortion legislation. The ideas generated in the volume come from the different but complementary perspectives of activism and scholarship. The collection includes the voices of Irish women who have had abortions, something largely absent within Ireland’s abortion debate. Taken as a whole the volume offers new conceptual and theoretical insights into the abortion debate by providing an original perspective on the Ireland’s abortion regime. The collection is intended to offer a valuable resource for those currently advancing legal and social change in order to offer women living in Ireland, North and South access to abortion on the island of Ireland. For those interested in the abortion debate more broadly, it will offer a unique overview of the debate in both a national and international context.

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