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Master Zen and Be Svelte, Learn to combat stress and lose weight

Master Zen and Be Svelte, Learn to combat stress and lose weight

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Master Zen and Be Svelte, Learn to combat stress and lose weight

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Dec 28, 2015


We all know diets don't work, and science is confirming this. If you've had difficulty losing weight and keeping it off, you need to understand that more often than not it can be a result of cumulative factors, including, emotional, physical and environmental stress. Learn how to relieve your stress and lose weight using this mind-body approach by combining hormonal health, gut health, meditation, visualization and Emotional Freedom Technique. 
Master Zen and Be Svelte approach is a non-diet approach to weight loss. You will never have to count any calories or measure any food. You will eat real foods that are nutrient rich and will help calm your body so it can lose weight. This book contains stress relieving techniques that will help you lose weight. A section on delicious healing food recipes, information on supplements, healing bath recipes, Ayurvedic herbs, seed cycling for hormonal balance and more.

Dec 28, 2015

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Master Zen and Be Svelte, Learn to combat stress and lose weight - Izza Masud



I dedicate this book to my mum who encouraged me to write, Emma Peacock, who helped me immensely, for my daughter, and all daughters, who should never have to feel anything but love for their bodies.

My Story

My story begins at my birth. I was a giant baby born with a birth weight of 9 lbs 3 oz, and apparently got stuck in my mum because my body was bigger than my head. My parents worried about me generally, hoping for the first few years that I would grow out of being chubby. Coming from a South-Asian household, my mum especially had already started to feel the pressure from the concern of our relatives that I was a fat baby, and would probably end up being a big girl and might have trouble later in life (finding a husband). She tried to ignore them for a few good years, but then suddenly I started getting heavier. My mother put me on a diet (albeit reluctantly) when I was eight years old.

Our food was typical Mediterranean-style with loads of vegetables, meat curries, and fresh fruit.  Sweets and desserts were a rarity, so there was no apparent reason for my weight gain. She tried her best to feed me healthy food; my food intake was always measured and cut down, plus she put me in about four hours of after-school physical activities. All the typical things any average person would do to lose weight. But  I wasn’t losing anything. In fact, I kept getting chubbier. They added more physical activity to my schedule but still the scale kept showing more weight.

Why was this happening? Unfortunately, what my mother did not know was that one of my tutors had been trying to molest me. I was always scared to be alone with him, and later on I was afraid to be touched and hugged. Gaining weight is one of the classic symptoms of abused children. Trauma is what triggers weight gain, and starts the cycle of cortisol.  Even though my parents figured out what was happening and got rid of that person, we never mentioned it or talked about it up until very recently.  

Eventually, when I was 13, we moved from Pakistan to Canada. Things didn’t go well in Canada either. I lost all my friends suddenly, and the move was quite traumatic for my brother and me.  My parents would look at me dejectedly, and to in order not disappoint them I kept going on diets and exercise plans one after the other.  I would lose weight sometimes but whenever I slipped, I would end up gaining more weight than I lost.  At the end of each of these diet cycles, I would be extremely disappointed, and constantly blame myself for not sticking to it.  

I am sure many of you can relate to this pattern of dieting.  I would constantly teeter-totter on the scale. I could recite the calorie count of every food group on the planet as well as which exercise would make you lose how many calories. None of this information was helping.

As a young adult, because of weight, my periods were a bit erratic, so my doctor put me on the pill to try to regularise them.  That didn’t help my weight one bit; I kept gaining more. I would walk into my doctor’s office with my shame and guilt. He would put me on the scale and would look down at my chart with such disappointment. I would try to explain that I wasn’t eating a lot, but the disbelief on his face told me all. I was told not to eat any carbs or fat or any sugar, and to work harder to lose weight. That affected me so much that it became my obsession.

In the meanwhile, I ended up in a bad break up and was under a lot of stress, and started to have trouble sleeping at night.  One of my colleagues at the time suggested adding Hot yoga to the pile of exercise I was doing. I went reluctantly but liked the class because the teachers were fantastic. I also would get a break from work, and could rest at the end of the class to music (I would almost always fall asleep). Amazingly, I started to lose weight! And within a month and a half I started to look slimmer. How was that possible? I was so happy for a while. But unfortunately in my quest to lose more weight, I began to go yoga every day, after going to the gym for cardio for about an hour. Suddenly all my happiness came to a halt, and I stopped losing weight.

You see, my mistake was thinking that doing hot yoga was making me burn more calories, which wasn’t the case. In actuality, the yoga was giving my body a chance to relax, and that is why my body started to let go of some of its weight.  But as soon as I added more exercise than before, it became stressed again and stopped losing.  

I continued in my life, going up and down the weight scale, but the worst was yet to come. You see after few years I met someone else, got married and later had a baby. I had moved from Canada to be with my husband in Australia, again adding more stress to a new marriage. Our relationship wasn’t going very well. Meanwhile, I had my daughter. My husband and I divorced, and I ended up moving back to Canada. I had gained weight when I got pregnant, and losing it was turning out to be yet another uphill battle. I wouldn’t get any sleep all night to feed her, and in the morning to survive the day I would eat anything that had any sugar or caffeine to stay awake and give me any energy at all. This cycle was more vicious than anything else I had experienced before. I ended gaining more and more weight, especially on my chest and belly. I started to choke whenever I tried to sleep, and it turned out I had added Sleep Apnea to my long list of issues.

My skin became sallow, my hair started to fall out, and I became severely narcoleptic. One would think that I would have jumped to go to my physician at this point. But no, I didn’t, because I was so down and exhausted that contemplating even a little wait in the doctor’s office would stress me out.  One day, just before my daughter’s 4th birthday, I couldn’t take it anymore and broke down and went to my doctor. She took one look at me and arranged for me to go to a sleep clinic. I got diagnosed and finally slept for three hours in a row after five years. And yes, I started to lose weight.

When I looked back on my struggle with weight, I found that every time I was stressed, I gained weight, and every time I became calm, my body would help me get rid of weight. With my psychology background and the enormous database of information I had regarding diets (hundreds of them that I had personally tried or read about), I finally pieced together my weight puzzle. I figured out that I needed to get rid of stress to lose weight, and that my sleep, hormones and calmness were the keys to keeping me slim.  

The Zen and Svelte approach is based on my personal experience and with my background in psychology and the current scientific research on this subject matter. My hope is that you can use this approach to get an understanding of your body, to stop blaming yourself and finally be able to get rid of your excess weight permanently.


If you have been suffering from chronic weight problems like I did and were unable to lose weight, you need to understand that more often than not, this type of weight gain can be a result of cumulative factors including emotional, physical, and environmental stress.

Traditional diets and fitness programs usually only concentrate on one aspect of weight-gain like the diet or exercise while ignoring other important factors like emotional, physical and environmental stress. These fad diets don’t solve anything, and you end up spiraling into an endless cycle of yo-yo dieting that bring more disappointment as opposed to results.  

The Zen and Svelte approach is a mind-body weight loss approach that primarily takes into account the stress factors in our life. Since these stress and anxiety factors can directly affect our hormones and make them imbalanced, it can result in our inability to lose weight no matter how hard we exercise or diet. This book will examine each of the hormones involved in the puzzle of our weight loss as well as some other factors that can affect our weight. This approach offers a fusion solution by using a combination of stress relieving strategies and holistic supplements to combat weight gain and obesity.  

Diets are not working

According to the Centre for Disease Control, more than one-third (34.9% or 78.6 million) of U.S. adults are obese.  Obesity-related conditions include heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer, some of the leading causes of preventable death.

The estimated

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