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Gods of Doldoria

Gods of Doldoria

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Gods of Doldoria

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Nov 27, 2015


Three Hundred Earth years after the creation of the star door wormhole generators, the short blue humanoid from the planet Doldoria named Burbundor had received a star map from the star door being named Beatersius on the planet Oa-3. Now he needs his old adventure companions, Syaxcorio and Dinorio, to help him on this quest across many light years of space to the event horizon of a black hole in order to find a treasure from back when this galaxy was a quasar during the Photonic Age of the galaxy. Burbundor will not only need help from his friends, but also his enemies, the giant Children of Dol, and even ultimately the very gods of Doldoria. Burbundor must also succeed in this quest while the galactic Empire of Nephapricus was at war with reptilian aliens called Incapricans. Join Burbundor and his friends on a fast-paced action-packed galactic quest through wormholes and other dimensions, where beings may just exist that to us could be what you might call a god.

Gods of Doldoria is the forth novel by DD White about the mighty galaxy Magphoreus, where in this galaxy's 2nd Age was the rise and fall of the ancient galactic empire called Nephapricus. Follow Burbundor and his fellow adventurers through a galactic empire of wormholes, and artificially intelligent technologies that are as immortal as any god. DD White has also written the novels Aquari, Voyage of the Beyonder, and The Star Doors about this fascinating cranny of galactic history.

Nov 27, 2015

Informazioni sull'autore

DD White is the writer / artist who created the free online graphic novels called Fantazine. You can still read Fantazine at where DD White’s inspirationfor Aquari began in issues 4, 7, and 9 as the Aquari Trilogy.

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Gods of Doldoria - DD White

Gods of Doldoria

By DD White

Copyright 2015 Smashwords Edition

Contents: Chapters

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:

Chapter 4:

Chapter 5:

Chapter 6:

Chapter 7:

Chapter 8:

Chapter 9:

Chapter 10:

Chapter 11:

Chapter 12:

Contents: Illustrations

The Star Map:

The Event Horizon Processing Experiment:

The Field of Mejoldor:

Rescuing Zimshroo:

The Admiral and the Incaprican:

Funeral of Zimshroo:

Beatopanga and the Forbidden Council:


Arphaxad and Nahor:

Syaxcorio’s Dream:

On the Planet Hatpee-11B:

Eagolim from Calebite decent:

The Galactillium Sigiliaemetameth:

Burbundor’s Star Map

Chapter 1

After the Star Doors were created Aineemadin stayed on the planet Pripica for about 300 Earth years while shady remnants to the Council of 32 controlled her goddess project on the planet Glokodox. She actually felt relieved to at last be free from her role as a holographic goddess named Anemdinio on the planet Doldoria. On Doldoria the inhabitants believed in gods and goddesses even in the enlightened galactic empire age. After the Doldorians were discovered, the researchers on the planet Glokodox could not resist the inclination to do experiments for science on the Doldorian superstitions. Her sojourn away from Glokodox was not to last however, and eventually the Doldorian Anemdinio followers were able to figure out that the real goddess impersonator had been gone, and after three centuries there were now Doldorians on Glokodox to demand that Aineemadin by reinstated to her old job as their goddess. There were even visitors from Doldoria on the planet Pripica to plead with Aineemadin to return to her role as the goddess Anemdinio.

The Doldorian reasoning never ceased to amaze Aineemadin as she looked down upon her tiny blue visitors from Doldoria with her single Nephrican eye. They were all less than a third her size, and all colored by the same sky blue shade. The observable differences between her alien visitors advertised the ones that definitely had galactic blood, and which ones were probably made with terrestrial Doldorian DNA. Two galactic visitors known as Eagolim were short hairless blue humanoid individuals, while the other three that may or may not be first generation Eagolim, looked like anthropomorphic cockroaches with hard blue exoskeletons and mandible-like appendages that protruded from their mouths. They were there to plead with Aineemadin to return to her old role tricking Doldorians into worshipping her like a goddess. Aineemadin, the embodiment for the goddess they worshipped, had been a much larger one-eyed three-legged squid-like Nephrican alien with a snout, and cloth-like skin drapes hung off her body like fabric curtains.

One blue humanoid did the talking. Please great embodiment to our goddess Anemdinio, consider the details in our petition to thee. They kept calling her Anemdinio, which she actually found surprisingly familiar and refreshing. We have thus petitioned the planet Glokodox to allow thee this return from exile, having thus exposed the criminality for those that did come unto thy project with intimidation and murderous behavior. Glokodox and their Star Door entity doth await your reunion to be endowed again to thy purpose.

Aineemadin felt the old surrender she always had experienced before with that goddess role. When Aineemadin used to be Anemdinio she would often just say whatever came out from her mouth at the moment. Unto this role as Anemdinio I again with humility myself this role as you petition appoint do.

The joy in her visitors filled the room with the noise from cheers as she looked down upon her miniature guests. She now realized that she had just agreed to finally return to Glokodox after the wicked group known as the Council of 32 ran her off the planet. She also realized that this experiment on Doldorians would also be research on the phenomenon she found herself just experiencing. She had indeed now been resolved to the purpose for returning to her research on the gods of Doldoria.


The beginning to the galactic war between Nephapricus and the cold-blooded reptilian Incapricans actually began over many years with these skirmishes. In a similar way it also lingered on for several decades before reaching its decisive end. The Incapricans saw from afar what almost happened with the star door’s creation, and they collectively resented in no unspoken terms how these warm-blooded mammals almost destroyed all life in the galaxy if the resulting quasar math would have played itself out. Incaprican diplomacy sought to discourage the Nephapricans from their mad scientist ways.

Following the historic Captain Trunlio Rothmon journey that discovered the Incapricans, it had been revealed that there were shape-shifting reptilian alien spies in the Empire. Incaprican spies became hunted and tortured by Nephricans. Then there had been the propaganda that began to spread, saying Incapricans were less evolved than Nephapricans. Their physics and scientific grasp looked primitive and silly to the Nephaprican scientist mind. The news became polluted with blatant lies and twisted arguments that Nephapricans needed to attack the Incapricans preemptively before the Incapricans made their aggressive move.

Then there had been an exploratory mission that suffered a calamity near Incaprican stars, which had been followed by video evidence showing Incaprican reptiles that were sawing off the crewmember’s heads on the missing ship. Although there had been presented overwhelming evidence that the videos were hoaxes, it did not stop the reaction with collective war fury amongst the inhabitants in Nephapricus. Incaprican reptiles with their scales, teeth, and claws were easy to demonize.

At a meeting with the Nephaprican Space Corporation there were reptilian diplomats appearing to argue that these victims on the exploratory mission were not attacked by their kind. They argued that the videos were undoubtedly hoaxes, but their arguments seemed to fall on deaf ears. The Incaprican diplomats took issue against the reckless experiments with galactic forces that the Nephapricans did not understand, and even brought up their knowledge about the event horizon processing experiment that had been underway. The Nephaprican Space Corporation only replied to the Incaprican diplomats with the message that galactic war had begun.

Sssssso that issss your decisssion then? Galactic war sssshall begin?

That our decision is. We the Nephaprican Space Corporation war on Incapricans declare.

The reptilian diplomats left under the tense atmosphere from their two galactic cultures that were now officially at war. Then one reptilian diplomat said to the other, I will convey thissss unfortunate messssage to the Council. You convey to the armada that the attack on the event horizon experiment issss on.

It sssshall be done assss you ssssay.


Aineemadin eventually became packed and ready to depart with goodbyes already said. She just had a small carryon bag draped over one squid-like arm with three tendrils for fingers that gripped the strap. Her remaining things were nearby in a warp dimensional storage space that had become very popular on the market while unemployment plagued a once thriving luggage industry. Almost nobody took a faster-than-light flight from Pripica to Glokodox anymore either since the star door wormhole generators now connected the two planets. The giant Citadel that housed the star door looked like a dome that had actually been a hundred miles wide at the base, which rose up into the stratosphere like a moon parked on a planet half buried. All around the dome swarmed different sized ships with passengers and commerce flying through wormholes that appeared on the Citadel surface as square portal matrix doorways that opened long enough to eject a ship or several ships that were flying the shortcut between planets.

Aineemadin walked a more intimate portal between worlds thanks to being good friends with the Pripica star door entity named Bejulitiah. As she exited the anti-gravity taxi to the base at the giant dome on Pripica, the wall to the dome turned into a door-shaped opening for her to enter.

Bejulitiah greeted her inside as a gorgeous humanoid female Pripican with very little clothing to cover her tight body also covered with a velvety cat-like black fur. So you are finally returning to Glokodox after all these years as a guest among the Pripicans. I wish you all the best fortune for your change in planets. The star door entity shook Aineemadin’s tendrils with a five-fingered fur-covered Pripican hand. Aineemadin felt a temporary attraction to the BEAT program with the tight body and velvety soft black fur, but she did not do BEAT programs.

It time for my stay on this planet to end is. The subjects for my past research now me need.

Bejulitiah had been programmed to be curious. Why after all these years are they now demanding you to return?

Aineemadin had since figured out an answer after asking herself that same question. The followers for Anemdinio always a fringe religion that often in secret practiced have been. In recent times the god Ei to all the other religions into the minority to in secret to persecution avoid practice run has campaigned. Anemdinio always a goddess in these other religions in secret continue helping was. She a Nephrican looking rival to the Nephrican looking god Ei is. I the Ei researchers that over my Anemdinio research the mistake of my rival goddess into their Ei turning made took think. That just the Doldorians that their imposter goddess an imposter was alerted.

The Pripican star door entity that really had been a quanta-optic-nanocoded hologram from a quanta-nanocoded thinking program responded. I have been researching humor for awhile now myself, and calculate that last sentence of yours as being hilarious.

The room Aineemadin found herself in with the Pripican star door entity also had a doorway constructed in the middle to the room as if going nowhere. Other than looking right through to the far side in the room however, the rectangular portal had been filled with swirling energy that resembled a fluid white noise. When Aineemadin became ready for her trip to the planet Glokodox she said goodbye to Bejulitiah and disappeared through the portal matrix on the planet Pripica while being covered over by the glowing energy field.

For Aineemadin there had really been no other direction. She seemed to move forward whether she continued walking or not. To her, she had been surrounded by the same energy she walked into back on Pripica. On some other plain to reality however, the wormhole took a leaf’s shape on a tree where a human figure known as The Gardener took a special interest in the newly formed bloom, which the animated tree moved over on a branch closer to the cloaked human into view. Both the tree and the cloaked humanoid were actually both made from intelligent microscopic silicon based life colonies populated by Calebites. The Gardener looked with many thousand tiny Calebite eyes that saw more than just a leaf. The tree had been integrated with every wormhole entity created between the 15 wormhole generators on 15 different planets, and the Calebites watched over the wormhole travelers to keep them safe from dangers that lurked in the warp realities between dimensions.

The Gardener read the leaf like a book, and recognized that it showed Aineemadin his old friend. I see my old tree friend, said The Gardener to the tree as he pondered the leaf being shown to him on a moving branch. It appears that Aineemadin is now returning to Glokodox after a very long stay on Pripica. Then the new blossom fell from the branch on the ground as the portal matrixes that made that wormhole closed.

Aineemadin emerged from an identical portal matrix thinking that she had just gone in a great big circle, but then she noticed another Nephrican in the room who looked just like her. She remembered that this had been the form that the Glokodox star door entity named Beatopanga had taken, so she greeted her old friend. Beatopanga! Good to you see. You absolutely awesome look.

Welcome back Aineemadin. There is so much new and interesting research now being done on Glokodox. I look forward to introducing you to it some time. Beatopanga had been an old BEAT program friend that had helped her escape Glokodox centuries before when wicked rivals were out to take her life.

I plenty of time right now old friend have. Aineemadin suffered zero jetlag following her 3.6 light year journey, which lasted three seconds.

Very well then. I am just about to observe an event horizon processing experiment that is taking place 16 omans from here through a Quantum-Communication hologram.

The two identical female Nephricans waddled together down the hallways within the Citadel on Glokodox, each on their three tentacle legs. Aineemadin recognized the term ‘event horizon processing.’ This like a very dangerous experiment about by the star door entity Beatariel named written sounds.

The Beatopanga Nephrican never bothered to talk with a Nephrican dialect since deciding to look like one. This is indeed based on theories written about by Beatariel in the knowledge database about the exotic elements. It is called the Infraradionomicon to those with the knowledge about the copies to acquire and study. One appendix is on theories about event horizon processing, which today’s experiment is based on.

You are an experiment with connections to a black hole entity that once nearly this entire galactic empire destroyed conducting.

Beatopanga became confident that there would be no harm. This experiment is over 16 omans away where we can safely observe with Quantum-Communicators that are setup to relay the time/space data for an object’s entire existence as it disappears beyond the event horizon on a black hole that we have found a safe distance from here.

Aineemadin just rolled her eye. I research on Glokodox as reckless as ever is can see.

An oman had been a measure for distance very similar to a light year, but based on the year on the planet Nephrica. A Nephrica year had been made up with 227 thirty-hour days, making an oman about .22 times shorter than what Earthlings call a light year. Beatariel, the quanta-optic-nanocode star door personage for the planet Caleb, had been known as the Wizard, and it wrote several digital codices regarding the physics for exotic elements, wormholes, Phase II and III warp-fusion, teleportation technologies, and many other tombs filled with its immense knowledge. That included theories about event horizon processing, which had been based on a mechanism used by an event horizon to record all time/space existence within every object as it crosses to where not even light can escape. Beatariel learned this theory from a previous master called Ralus Xnoga an entity that evolved its intelligence over several billion years from event horizon processing. Afterwards Beatariel became known as the withdrawn star door entity, condemned to the knowledge obtained from this Supreme Being because it could not be unlearned. Most these codices have been lost (destroyed?) with the ages, or else coveted by the withdrawn BEAT program to this day in its mysterious Citadel on a planet currently orbiting the ancient star Yat. Some digital codices eventually survived the 2nd Age for Magphoreus and the Nephapricus fall to be preserved today in this 3rd Age for Magphoreus at the center in the galaxy within the Eigalli Data Banks.

The event horizon processing experiment had been several years in the making. Aineemadin and Beatopanga observed a hologram from the research facility 16 omans or 12.48 light years away, where a dormant black hole had been discovered. They could see large readouts with different aspects in the data about to be broadcast across the light years through communication equipment based on quantum entanglement.

We ready to the experiment conduct are, said a hairless humanoid from Nephrican decent who appeared in the Quantum-Communication hologram field projected from a dozen light years away.

Begin the experiment, ordered Beatopanga. Aineemadin watched while refusing to blink her only eye. She became ready to take in the data about to be transmitted. The humanoid hologram waited about ten seconds before actually hearing Beatopanga’s order to begin. Aineemadin felt deeply disturbed by the ethics to the whole thing, but still also felt the resulting data would be precious.

There had been talk amongst the Nephrican Eagolim hologram figures that traveled all the way to that black hole where the tiny research facility orbited a safe distance away. The black hole displayed on an observation screen as a perfect black circle against the always-dazzling glow from the mighty Magphoreus arms spread across the background.

The Event Horizon Processing Experiment

The object deploy.

Then there appeared a rocky space debris chunk on the observation screen that hurled through space toward the black circle. Before it became too small to view they all observed it stretching along with space/time itself as it plummeted into the black circle of no return. Other screens recorded closer observations at the event horizon that drank up the space debris, and became hungry for more. Shapes and symbols with light made up from Hawking radiation seemed to dance outward across the event horizon as several dozen recording devices sang with data saved onto multi-dimensional storage mechanisms. The multi-dimensional storage equipment could record all time and space data from the space debris molecular structure. It had been beyond comprehension, yet the foreign data gibberish reached into Aineemadin’s eye as if it tried to speak to her.

Beatopanga had been no doubt recording with its quanta-optic-nanocode eye even more from this strange experiment, and it stood perfectly still with its eye also on the data showing in the holographic field. Then there had been a loud noise like an explosion, and the humanoids in the hologram all started running around in a chaotic panic. What has happened Drexnar?

The next ten seconds were excruciating. We under attack are! Everyone now evacuate must. I this as long as the transmitter is functioning am transmitting.

Aineemadin took a moment to look away at Beatopanga. Beatopanga still stared at the data coming over. She looked back at the transmission, but not at the data. Humanoids were running for their lives in every direction across the hologram field, which had really been a dozen light years away.

One humanoid stopped. Incapricans the research facility are attacking. We all an escape craft getting are. This experiment over is.

Then the holographic image from the facility became voided any Nephrican Eagolim still over there. The data had still been compiling and transmitting while explosion sounds sent smoke and the flicker from flames beyond the hologram that were illuminating the holographic view. Then one more blindingly bright explosion lit up the holographic field right before the transmission stopped.

Aineemadin and Beatopanga just looked at one another with a mutual helpless look.


At about that same moment a dozen light-years away an exotic alien spacecraft armada fired torpedoes and lasers at a defenseless research facility that orbited a black hole. A couple ships ejected from the facility to maneuver through the attacking armada unharmed. Onboard one attack vessel a reptilian commander’s order reflected the orders from the entire fleet. Allow the essscape vesselsss sssafe passssssage back to their home worldssss. We are jusssst ending thisss experiment before it producessssss regret for all.

Meanwhile in the research facility the last escape craft had been about to depart, but one humanoid still recorded data on a portable multi-dimensional storage mechanism. He removed it just as another researcher ran by to enter the last craft off the facility. On Glorkofan come! The escape craft leaving is!

Glorkofan didn’t acknowledge his comrade, and instead ran the other way with the storage device. The escape craft will not wait much longer for the stray one who won’t come along. As Glorkofan ran down the hallway, the stubble became slightly visible on his skull to reveal that he had not really been a hairless Nephrican Eagolim like the other researchers, but instead he advertised a genetic Nephrican and Pripican mixture with skin the Nephrican color, but like Pripicans grew body hair only above his head. Glorkofan entered another escape craft with his multidimensional recorded data. He had this craft docked and ready before the Incaprican attack arrived. This had been how he had already planned to get away with the results from this experiment before the Incapricans unexpectedly decided to destroy the whole endeavor. His ship disappeared in a direction slightly different than the other researchers that abandoned the space station, which then completely exploded into flaming dust and debris. The black hole in the distance already gravitationally clawed at the scattered debris, confident that there

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