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Eat Well, Live Healthy: A Dietitian's Guide

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Eat Well, Live Healthy: A Dietitian's Guide

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What if you could extend your life simply by walking and by eating healthy? Would you do it? Most folks admit that they probably wouldn’t do it if it took too much time out of their already busy day. The rates of diabetes and obesity are increasing at alarming rates in the United States. The Eat Well, Live Healthy Guide will provide you with some easy ways of incorporating walking and exercise and healthy living into your busy life without making a huge sacrifice. The menus and recipes are easy to follow.

Research has shown that after doing something for 21 days, you begin to develop a habit. This guide will provide some ways that you can begin week by week to develop a healthy lifestyle and hopefully feel better, lose weight and extend your life. After doing these tasks for the next six weeks, you will hopefully begin new habits and enjoy these changes and feel better. As the saying goes, “You are what you eat!” You can change your eating habits and hopefully improve your health and change your life. We hope that this guide will assist you in achieving a new healthy lifestyle!

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