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Real Cities Virtual Cities

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The book " REAL CITIES- VIRTUAL CITIES - How to build the real world environmentally and financially sustainable based on the New Telematic City - NTC" shows how, using tools currently known and popular, you can set that world ecologically and financially sustainable, which many hope.

Expression of this new mode is the NTC - New Telematic City, not just an acronym, but a business, technological, social opportunity to detail and to achieve.

The book first discusses the so-called "pillars" upon which the NTC is based:

1. 1.

The first one is the ICT, namely information and communication technologies.

2. 2.

The second one is the set of rules and regulations of the European Union, to ensure security and development within Europe.

3. 3.

The third one consists of the oriental arts like yoga and martial arts, secular heritage of the East, capable of ensuring the personal development of each individual.

It is then shown how, using the pillars with the help of innovative concepts never before assumed, it is possible to redesign the organization of society in the manner proposed by the author.

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