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The Naked Truth: Lies Stripped

The Naked Truth: Lies Stripped

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The Naked Truth: Lies Stripped

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Oct 14, 2015


This Is A Witty Gritty Guide To The Real TRUTH About Love, Life, Sex, Relationships and Reality, Culled From An Expressive Woman's Unfiltered Thoughts About Life...It Chronicles a Certain Rawness, Honesty & Vulnerability With Personal Illustrations About Real Issues, That Every Man & Woman Needs...To Truly Become Expressive, Aware and Confident About Their Own Unique Journey.

Its an intimate and relatable book, which offers WISDOM to anyone who has ever struggled with accepting the truth about love, their relationships and even different aspects of their life. It Reminds us that it is okay to be Transparent about one's Physical and Emotional Imperfections because even the most BEAUTIFUL people are Flawed....And if they are Honest with themselves... they may see areas that need also the mind. The concept of being NAKED is very simple. It simply means that you are not ashamed to present yourself, the way you really are....(No cover ups).

Oct 14, 2015

Informazioni sull'autore

Ranked as One of the ‘Top 250 Most Influential Women’ in the World by Richtopia, Alex Okoroji is a Nigerian Actress & Multiple Award Winning Media Personality – Often referred to as the “Queen of Expression” for using different mediums of the Art to empower people using The NAKED PhilosophyTM. Reinventing herself at every stage of her career as an Actress, TV Personality, Talk Radio Host, Speaker, Author, Thought Leader & Global Influencer. She is the Creator of The NAKE PhilosophyTM, Editor-in-Chief of BRAG! Magazine & CEO of The BRAG Media Company. She was recipient of WEF Iconic Woman Award at the 2017 Annual Global Woen Economic Foru in India and was honored with a 2017 Nigeria Goodwill Ambassador Award for her Positive Contributions to Humanity, a 2017 Peace Achievers Award as “Media Personality of the Year” and a 2017 African Icon Award. With over a decade of acting experience -well-versed in most aspects of performing – on Television, Film, Theatre and Voice Overs. With training which includes two years in community theatre and over 25 Productions to her credit, she has consistently been involved with different television projects, movies, series events and shows. And has featured in movies like CALABAR GIRL, FREEDOM BANK, TRINITY, DESTINY, STATE OF THE HEART, HERO’S BRIDE, WAITING YEARS, THE GUIDE, CAJOLE etc where she has played both lead and supporting roles. She has also played some of the best characters in popular Television Soap Operas and Series like HEAVENS GATE, US, WIVES N’ CONCUBINES, RUSH, G.R.A WOMEN, TALES OF EVE, SPIDER, on terrestrial television stations and popularly remembered as the entitled ‘Betty’ in the popular TV Soap Opera ‘Spider’ and the feisty lawyer ‘Susan’ in MNET’S dazzling multi-cam production ‘TINSEL’ on DSTV across Africa for three (3) Seasons. Alex, has recorded several Public Service Announcement (PSA) and jingles for Radio and Television, and has written a number of scripts for TV Commercials, Documentaries, Screenplays for Movies, Songs, Editorial, Poetry and White papers and has produced a documentary on Intellectual Property. Alex Okoroji is the author of 3 books- THE NAKED TRUTH:Lies Stripped... STRIPPED DOWN SUCCESS For Creatives, and the international bestseller & global anthology “I BARED MY CHEST; 21 Unstoppable Women Get NAKED ....” She hosts her LIVE International talk radio show syndicated on 12 Global Networks with over 4.2 Million Listens and Counting, interacting with Influential Guests from around the world. She is listed as one of 35 Personal Brands-To-Watch 2017 (The Global List) and was spotlighted as a 2015 Global Consciousness Raiser, a 2016 Guardian Woman, RB Magazine Blogger of the Season (Spring 2015), has served as an International contributor to several global publications including, THE HUFFINGTON POST and is the “First African Woman Living In Africa” to be featured in Women Rock Project alongside some of the world’s most respected Hollywood and Bollywood Actresses like Vidya Balan, Kate Winslet, Drew Barrymoore, Susanne Somers, Debbie Allen, Amy Walker, Lady Gaga, and other powerhouse women like Arianna Huffington, Melinda Gates, Chimamanda Adichie and Hillary Clinton. As an Advocate for Expression, a Reinvention Activist and a Multi-Platform Ambassador for Self-Empowerment & Transformation – known for championing the movement for Raw & Honest Expression – She is on a mission to empower individuals to achieve the “Freedom Mindset”, they need – to challenge the illusion of perfection and overcome the most self sabotaging emotion of all – FEAR.

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The Naked Truth - Alex Okoroji


Chapter 1: Love? That Shit Is What It Is...


I have seen a few young couples that have either been dating for six to ten years or are even married that long...Who can swear down, that they love their partners or spouses...yet they really don't know much about them. It makes me want to ask sometimes, Do you LOVE them, more than you actually KNOW them? Seems like an odd question, right? You'll understand when I share my epiphany.

Before you question the credibility of my current epiphany though. Let me for the heck of it, first share a few mundane things you don't know about me. I started reading at the age of three, started working for my mom at the age of eleven, I scribbled my first mini short story at fourteen (In high school, never published...but I wrote it all the same), at some point I was promoted to sales supervisor at eighteen aptly managing 22 other staffs (all much older than me), I tried to combine work and school, I learned how to drive a car in just three days by getting on the express road with crazy bus drivers and bikes, I learned how to make chinese rice from secretly watching a male friend cook once for his guests, I taught myself how to bake, I found out how to configure and design a website 100% all by myself using a mobile phone...I even learned how to break my own heart among many other incredible things... Okay, I'm not trying to show off my silly mini accomplishments... All I'm painting in a nut shell, is that I'm not a LAZY learner, I'm quick on my mind, a sharp  doll and I've had my fair share of experiences to teach me a few good I only needed 6 months of tying the marital knot, to truly burst the 'marriage bubble' and understand its MYTHS...and a few years down, the line crack the code!

When I ask if you LOVE someone more than you know them...I'm not referring to whether you know his favorite food, her favorite color, whether he likes to be called 'daddy' when he's spanking your ASS, how many guys she's dry humped or bumped at the back of the car seat, if he was born an atheist, whether she SUFFERED growing up as a child or if he was captain of his college football team.  No!! I mean the real serious issues that plaques every real relationship and could jeopardize 'growth' if not put in FOCUS.

Do you know what his or her Vision and Dreams are? Do you know their long term goals and short term goals? Do you know what their limitations and FEARS are? Do you know exactly what they are capable of doing or not doing to achieve their desires? Are you in full support of their dreams or are you the one holding them back from becoming an Achiever? Are they capable of manipulating or abusing your love or their power? Do you both have genuine common interests? Is he or she a MENTAL time-bomb just waiting to happen? Are they violent, suicidal, obsessed or have any form of spiritual issues, health issues, insecurities or it sex, drugs, alcohol, porn, food or even a shopping addiction? Wonder why she puts on weight every time she fights with you? Or why he won't stop humping every pinky in skirts even after swearing he'll never cheat on you...why your credit/debit card is always red once you give it to her for a little treat or why he loves to stop by every day at that famous pub to make love to his 'BEER' instead of spending time with you and the kids?

I can bet half of the people in any sort of romantic relationship, rarely ask themselves these questions or even care to know. We focus so much on the butterflies in our stomach, the sweet, sometimes colorful blue sky, or how the relationship affects our social status and how many of our friends or relatives applaud our support the union.... Perhaps an in-depth knowledge of your partner will help determine what exactly he or she will bring into the relationship/marriage and what you need to bring in as well to fully complement it. This relationship EPIPHANY hit me like an electric surge going off in my head...whilst trying to give my married friend the best little relationship advice imperfect me could conjure... And oh, you may thank me for it later.

Ever wondered why there are lots of break-ups, separation and divorce all over the world (Now, I would know right? Being a graduate of that particular institution). I think its probably because, People tend to CHOOSE the most 'likely' person they can live with (TOLERATE)... Instead of choosing the most 'likely' person they CAN'T live WITHOUT (NEED). Noticed I used the words 'most likely' simply because its not rocket science...Think about it, why will you fight to stay with someone you simply tolerate...or why choose to 'stay' with someone who let's you be COMPLACENT or someone whose absence won't really upset the equilibrium or balance of your life (except your ego of course...) because of their 'minimal' value?!

Few people LOVE based on VALUE, while most people love based on compatibility, temperament and sometimes even 'compromise'....And chances are if you run a compatibility test among your circle for may find five possible candidates for you with the right temperament and all. And that's not to say these aren't important. But apart from CHARACTER nothing could be more important than the 'Value' one brings into a relationship (or partnership as I'll like to think of it) based on your own individual and collective NEEDS. Do a 'value' test on the same possible candidates and see if even one person makes it through. Aha! Why not? Well...Its simply impossible for someone to successfully and consistently add value to your life, if they truly don't know you well enough to know what you want or at least what you need.

A simple example: Those who love God, why do we love him? Maybe its mostly because we NEED him in our lives and we APPRECIATE the value that he brings to us, not necessarily because we are anything like him or even generically compatible with him in his infinite AWESOME-NESS. Still he is miraculously able to fulfill each of our numerous and diverse desires and needs...Why? Because he 'knows' each and every one of us, like there was only one of us. Now tell me why we wouldn't love him? I mean, just imagine your life without the PRESENCE of God in it...Huh? Well, I can't. Exactly!!! So its possible to fall out of love with someone you want...but its almost impossible to grow out of love with the 'person' you value and still NEED. Isn't that why some people still stay in certain marriages/relationships even after their partners have hurt them severally...because they are holding on to the value their partner represents...and those who leave, do so because the figure they have nothing 'concrete' to lose. Now maybe that's the approach we should take in choosing that SPECIAL someone...

What do they bring into the relationship or marriage other than their cute itsy-bitsy-size-8-self or the 6-pack-muscles and 9-inches of hard steel down below. Okay, so she knows every sex position and has read Karma-Sutra front to back, back to front... He is an orphan who needs love or she is the presidents daughter, so bloody what? He is a celebrity, she's a celebrity...what has that got to do with the prize of fish in the market? What value do they add to your life, that if they leave you or God forbid, something ever happened to them...your world would crash so bad because they've become your anchor, your life support, your everything in the truest of ways.

I don't mean the kind of 'crash' that keeps you beating up yourself for not breaking up with him first...or why your ego is badly bruised because she's the only woman who ever dared to dump you and replace you with ignominy. I mean the kind of crash that keeps you appreciating the unique values that stand out cause you can't find it in someone else. That thing that clearly puts the spotlight on him or her and keeps you on your toes from doing anything to SABOTAGE the relationship you have.

Because if you can honestly picture your life 'without' the person you claim to LOVE the MOST, and still see yourself making all sorts of PROGRESS, without it being much of their input...or can see yourself coping favorably without them, then maybe its a tell-tale SIGN that when shit suddenly hits the fan, there would be nothing tangible to fight for. I am a living example of that TRUTH. So I ask you again, Do you love them, more than you know them? Hmm....


I got a message from a close female friend...I'm in a dilemma. I need to see you so I panicked because I thought something was wrong. Then, I asked what the problem was... She said, we need to speak in I pushed for a little hint (Trust me. I'm that kind of curious cat. Don't ever try dangling succulent gist in front of me, in a bid to tease me and hold it back. I will pounce on you and squeeze until you spill some milk...).

Anyway, the long story cut friend was in a dilemma over two men. Even though, we were yet to have 'the talk' but I was a little biased already because I know the one she's with, loves her stupid...I mean like really 'good' stupid. And at the end of the day, the one who gives themselves sincerely and completely to us, is the only one who deserves us, hands down...but eh! Alright I know, talk is easy right? It still doesn't make the decision of choosing 'who' to be with, from being so damned complicated. Even if someone like my friend had narrowed their options to just two guys.

Do you choose the one that excites you even if they aren't stable? Do you chose the one that tolerates you even on your bad days? Do you chose the one that's emotionally available? Do you chose the one that's good to you Or do you choose the one you've known the very longest? The one who gives you money, great sex or something that looks like love...

Let's be honest for one minute. Men use 'love' to get 'sex' from women and Women use 'sex' to get 'love' from men...Yes its true! Women think if they SCREW the hell out of him...He may become attached and grow to LOVE them and Men know if they drop the 'L' word, BOOM!! we turn to 'pudding' ready to give them the very thing they truly want, SEX. But what both sexes have failed to realize, is that 'DATING' is a big set up.

A massive set up of 'games'. The game of 'Hit n Miss', 'Luck and Chance', 'Try it out for size', 'Use it and toss it'... and the only real winners are those who come out losing hands down, but learning in the process. that God is the only reflection and source of true lasting love...

And by that 'He' is supposed to be the foundation upon which every relationship should be built, or it will definitely crumble. The problem with 'LOVE' is that you can choose to love whoever you want, but remember to keep it in mind, so also can they... And it may not even be you.

But if you hand over your heart to God, he will place it in the hands of the one who's truly deserving of you (mind, body and spirit). Someone who will guard your heart with their lives, stand by you no matter how tough you are, and love you so much so, you will never have to worry about being used or abused ever again. But that's still a long walk for many.


I have not claimed to be an EXPERT on love, friendship or relationships as I am still a student of 'LIFE' gathering knowledge and hoping to graduate a first CLASS survivor.

But I can say that I have loads of countless personal EXPERIENCE (good and bad) that serve as practical analysis, for my reflection, MUSINGS, and EXPRESSION, as well as the experience of others around me, which have now guided the new theories that form my many opinions.

Its IMPERATIVE that we learn from the experience or mistakes of others, because we can never live LONG enough.... to even make them all ourselves.

I have learned that most relationships FAIL, not because of the ABSENCE of love. LOVE is present alright. It's just that one person loves far too MUCH... while the other person loves far too LITTLE!

So when people say, they love you. That might in fact be TRUE...but perhaps the 'love' they supposedly have for you is simply NOT strong enough to earn you, KEEP you or even fight for you.

It sort of reminds me of my favorite Teddy Pendergrass song.... "It feels good loving somebody and that somebody loves you back BUT the best part of the song for me is the 'refrain' where he sings.... Not 70/30, not 60/40...We're talking about 50/50 love..."

So if you are the type to give, give and FORGIVE....And your partner is the type to get, get and FORGET....then it doesn't take rocket science to see that your partner or spouse isn't giving you that 50/50 kind of love... Just like a LOAD on a seesaw, if the EFFORT doesn't balance the weight, the WEIGHT will tip. Something is bound to give. And that might just be your very HAPPINESS!


Recently, I've been playing SHRINK to my family friend Charlie (he'll kill me if I mention his real name)...who insists his wife of Seven years has fallen out of love with him. Whilst it is painful for any man to watch his partner 'fall out of love' with him and treat him like a stranger in his own home...I don't think she fell out of love, in fact I don't think anyone does, especially since I don't believe people fall in love.

I belong to the school of thought that believes that people Grow to Love not fall in love...and that his wife simply grew to 'unlove' him. That's the truth because for something, someone or 'feelings' to must FEED it, nurture it and nourish it. If you don't, it will only die. Same goes for love and relationships. And its no surprise to me at all, that his constant 'absence' put a strain on their marriage and his wife had simply figured a way to FUNCTION 'without' him. LOVE and NEED go can inter-place need with 'value' if you may. How can you love something or someone you no longer need or have value for? Make any sense?! My Point Exactly! And there's nothing more notorious than 'distance' to put a strain on even the tightest bonds.

Some people think the longest absence might be less perilous to 'love' than the terrible trials of incessant 'proximity'... but I think the closest bonds are formed on the wings of PROXIMITY and the true test of every relationship is really in the TRIALS and 'strength' of that bond. Still the perfect match in my opinion, is a bond that can't be separated!

Some people say absence makes the heart grow fonder, while its true in some cases, it also could make the heart grow colder...Distance might give you the space, FREEDOM to establish individuality and stop you both from irritating one another or getting in each others business from time to time. But on the other hand, it could also INHIBIT you both from discovering all there is to know about your relationship 'together' as a team.

Anyone who's thinking long term knows that distance while it has it perks is a major hindrance to 'building' a solid relationship. Remember, everyone has basic needs and those 'NEEDS' requires someone to provide them. If your partner isn't emotionally, sexually, psychologically, financially, spiritually stable or otherwise and YOU are not physically, spiritually and emotionally 'PRESENT' to either 'provide' their needs or be their support system, then be SURE your partner is getting their needs met by someone else.

Note that your partner doesn't have to sleep with someone else to cheat on you. If they are flirting, texting, spending time, receiving ominous gifts or confiding in someone else...they are already INVESTING part of themselves and that's half way there. And you can't blame them for not being strong enough because Distance really puts the strain on bonds.

Still If your love has been tested and you both have been through so many challenges in your relationship and its still not enough to tear you apart, because you 'both' have made a 'brave' CHOICE to keep it, fight for it and work for it. Now that's a 'perfect match' in my books!


So I heard Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose broke up....Same for Jason Derulo and Jordin Spark, his fiancee of three years, not that I am one to listen to the whispering in Gossip Town. Besides relationships are way complex than our fickle minds can understand and I've had my own fair share of one or two failed public romance....Who am I to judge?...But wait, didn't we all claim to love each other? Aha! Sometimes we need certain situations to put clarity on a preconceived notion. Yes, I have always thought LOVE was a feeling...and even though my intentions were good and the other person did the right things, I just couldn't always be in love or STAY in love. Why so? Because FEELINGS change. Its like loving Basmati Rice so much and then deciding that maybe PASTA is so much more delicious, even though they probably have the same CALORIES...

I've had to look at several people and things and decide that just because I didn't feel love for them, they weren't right for me. And the people or things I supposedly claimed to love, I could see all the things wrong with them, but chose to push it aside.

When a woman gets pregnant, she starts to love the foetus even before the BABY is born...and even if it comes out ugly like a chipmunk, crippled or demented, she still loves her baby just as much. That love is a DECISION, not a feeling.

Which is why, no matter what we do as sinners, God has proven time and time again that his love for us will never change. Why? Cause God made that decision, that CHOICE. And being that God is the original source of love, he is not a human that acts based on irrational feelings.

We all fall in and out of love with people and hang on to destructive relationships, hurt those who genuinely care about us in the name of this supposed love....when in fact, we do not have the courage to separate our feelings from our choices. Marriages are built on the wrong philosophies, relationships break up and WAR happens because people are acting based on the impulsiveness of their hormones (feelings), rather than build their choices on the stables of making profound decisions. If LOVE isn't a noun but a means it's an action word, therefore it means it can only reveal itself by choice (because one chooses to show love)....And to make a choice one must take a decision.

The unconditional Love that we all desire and crave for is not a feeling but a decision. And that decision is made complete when both parties make the choices not to just feel the EMOTION but stick with the decision to accept who they really are and stay together irrespective of the challenges of partnership. What happens if they go broke, put on weight, lose their careers, listen to gossip, rumors, make mistakes or have a huge fight.....the realities will affect emotions and feelings will definitely CHANGE.

I'm starting to think love should be like buying a good car, a beautiful house or taking an exam. You narrow the options, weigh the pros n cons and take a decision. No one does any of these based on feelings....They look at the hard facts. Can I afford it? What is the value of this object I'm fascinated with or desire? Would it be beneficial to me in the long run? Will I be able to maintain it and take care of it? What or where would I be if I don't have it in my life? We look at the hard facts.

If I had the option of being with a man like Boris Kodjoe, I will.... in a heart beat (Dang, he's hot and dude has got talent) but wait, he is married. Should I stay unhappy the rest of my life pinning for a man who is taken when I can choose Sola my neighbor who I know is available and genuinely ready for a committed relationship? Even if Boris does decide to leave his wife for me. It would be a random act of emotion that won't last, cause he will one day get fed up and leave me for someone hotter n smarter. And the circle will continue.

Love only lasts forever, when we acknowledge our shortcomings, yet make the decision to consciously choose first, someone who is deserving of our time, energy, trust, sacrifice, understanding... and that the same person consciously chooses us too, then we can together decide to stay committed to the choices we have made, no matter what happens....because forever is something we actually DECIDE.


I went to BED last night with this familiar quote in my heart....To love is to recognize yourself in another. ~ Eckhart Tolle. And woke up this morning trying to analyze how many people really understand what LOVE actually is, within the circuit of a relationship....Well, who better to give advice than someone like me who's ruined her chances a few good times, and learned the hard way. The actual way....

#1) Everybody WANTS love, but few ever achieve it, and sometimes those who do, don't CHERISH it until its too late.

#2) Most times we FAIL at relationships, because we don't have a GOOD relationship with ourselves....and we don't bother trying.

#3) Catching someone's eye is not having their ATTENTION, and sharing their bed is not sharing their HEART. You must know that by now.

#4) It takes two hands to BUILD a relationship.... With one, you can easily wave good bye.

#5) Everybody knows how to fall in love, oh it's pretty easy to TRIP and fall....but only a few people actually know how to STAY in love...Do you?

#6) Your partner should never have to COMPETE for your attention, make them PRIORITY, or 'lose' them to someone who will.

#7) Make sure the person you're in a relationship with, isn't just a friend who's CAPITALIZING off the 'benefits' you have available to them. And many do.

#8) For no relationship is all sunshine, but two people who are 'willing 'to share an umbrella, can SURVIVE the stormy weather together.

#9) Know where you've been and use it as a GUIDE to indicate where you shouldn't go. Make PROGRESS in love.

#10) Share not only your joy but your PROBLEMS with your partner, the more issues you can get through together, the CLOSER you will get.

#11) You can listen to promises.... but to avoid disappointment, trust ACTIONS, not words. Believe me, actions never lie.

#12) Sometimes the hardest thing to accept is completely CHANGING yourself for someone who wouldn't even 'bend' for you. But it's okay, for though love didn't GROW enough in their happy that it grew well in yours.

#13) Be careful of just SEXUAL relationships, because soon you could give 'permanent' feelings to a temporary person, or a temporary person could want a permanent place in your heart.

#14) It's difficult not to look back at those we've 'lost'....But remember, not to CONFUSE your once upon a time, with your happily ever after....Focus on the FUTURE ahead.

#15) If you give up, it means you never wanted it. Truth is, LOVE never gives up HOPE.

#16) Having a Plan B = Lack of devotion to Plan A! COMMITMENT is forever. Stay Devoted!

#17) Know that SEX is the most abused form of affection. If you wonder why your bed mates confuse sex for love, it's simple. SEX is the most important form of communicating AFFECTION. Don't use it, if you don't mean it.

#18) Relationships are either ALL or 'nothing', make sure you're not exchanging your all for NOTHING.

So love the right person, or at least love someone who is making themselves RIGHT for you. Find arms that will HOLD you at your weakest, eyes that SEE you at your ugliest, and a HEART that will love you even at your worst. And whether you believe it or not....Love is ACTUALLY a choice. It offers you the option to choose. So VALUE yourself enough to CHOOSE someone who wants you, just as much as you want them....But as my dear friend, Demele shared on his BBM. - If you decide NOT to choose....You have however chosen.


On the back drop of my one hour LONG conversation with Leila (she was indeed very distressed and I emailed her my number, so I could talk her through things) I know what it feels like to sink into depression and the last thing she or her baby needs is to fall VICTIM to fear. And so many people still get carried away. Truth is I wouldn't know any of these, if I hadn't been the proverbial back pocket chick for years. A man's second option or his rebound girl. And constantly wondering which day, I would end up being the main squeeze from the many women lurking around his masculine chest. I wouldn't know these, if too many men hadn't misinterpreted my nicety for a sign that I was also interested in them seriously, or even the many times, I also have misconstrued a man's 'Act of love' as a sign of his love or fallen prey to SEXIPIDITY....(my name for sex-stupidity). Ha! What do I know?!

But no matter what you do, don't let people USE you to pass time, mark time or just to keep their boring lives interesting....You need CLARITY at every stage of your life and certainly someone who knows for sure that they WANT you (warts and all), to be a part of their lives.

If they are not willing to DEFINE the relationship they want with you or have with you in very CLEAR terms... and stay within those boundaries, no matter how seemingly good they might be with you, clearly they are intentionally SETTING you up for a very bad fall...and dare not think they will be there to catch you.

If you are going to fall and break your bones... Better to FALL for someone who genuinely cares, while breaking your bones and knowing that the persons hands might have CAVED under your weight...and not because they considered you unworthy to stretch out their hands.

Nobody that wants you, stays SILENT about their desires. If they think you are worthy, they will definitely FIND their voice. If they don't, please grab some dignity and find the bloody door.


Do I foresee the future that some people might get scared sharing intimate details with me, for fear that our conversations may serve as content for my THOUGHTS. I know, yea? (Jeez! my friend is going to be kill me. But wha-de-heck buddy... He knows me...He knows how I can be).

So, a male buddy of mine called to ask for a lady's number. A female musician, a number, I didn't have but promised I could help get, even though I kept wondering why he desperately wanted it... till he said he had a mega crush on her. Actually nothing but a 'Fuck-crush' his own words. I gotta STRAFF the girl. She's too sexilicious... Dammit!!...(crazy man). Well, I said to him that I'm amazed at how many guys are pretty crazy about screwing the shit out of her senses...even though I agree, she's really pretty...I didn't think she had that depth of womanly character...but then again, what do I know about another woman being SEXY and deep. I'm straight meehn....straight as an arrow.

Of course my friend told me, point in case. Character has got nothing to do with this particular business...she is pretty cute and come-fuck-me-licious...that's all

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