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Stress Free in Three Minutes

Stress Free in Three Minutes

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Stress Free in Three Minutes

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Dec 9, 2013


You may be feeling stressed right now or would like to help someone that is feeling stressed. It has been proven that heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, headaches, ulcers and many more medical conditions can all be brought on or made worse by cumulative stress. Stress has negative effects in all spheres of your life and can be fatal. The English Sisters, known as the Everyday Hypnotherapists, will take you on a relaxing journey in each of their easy-to-read short stories, which guide you into a comfortable stress-free state of mind in only three minutes. Each easy to read, short, hypnotherapeutic story is filled with metaphor and hypnotic language, which takes your mind on a mini break, providing relief from stressful thoughts. As you are reading, you will find that your heart rate decreases, your facial muscles begin to soften and your mind begins to enjoy the wonderful benefits of a stress-free state of mind. Stress Free in Three Minutes will help you form new responses, thoughts, attitudes and feelings. This will enable you to create healthy, empowering and happy thoughts in your mind.
Dec 9, 2013

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Stress Free in Three Minutes - The English Sisters Staff


To our loving belated parents, Antonia Caro and Janos Zuggo, who loved us unconditionally, allowing our creativity to flow. To our darling husbands, John and Giorgio, who love and support us. To our wonderful children, Jasmine, Nicholas, Jonathan and Christopher, whom we love unconditionally.

To our pet dogs, Teddy and Cleo, who always make us smile.

To our dear readers and all of you who have inspired us to write this book. We send our love out to you and hope that you will feel it as you read Stress Free in Three Minutes.


How to use this book:

Before reading each short story, we suggest you begin by taking a deep breath. Close your eyes for a moment and then inhale for a count of six and exhale for a count of six.

You were not born stressed. You were born serene and carefree - crying only to have your primary needs met.

This is your natural state of mind.

Reading this book will allow you to access a stress-free state of mind.

Each hypnotherapeutic short story is designed to take you from a more conscious state of mind - where learned behaviours, worries, critical reasoning, insecurities, and anxiety can reside - to an alpha state of mind where your breathing deepens and your blood pressure lowers, connecting you to your real you.

Alpha brain waves are present in deep relaxation and hypnotic trance.

You will begin to feel relaxed in a natural and comfortable way. Your natural instincts will be heightened, along with your visualisation, memory, learning and concentration.

This will have beneficial repercussions for you in all spheres of your life.

Your health and wellbeing will improve.

Your relationships will flourish.

You will know if you are in the right job or career, and, if not, have the oomph and energy to make the necessary changes.

You will automatically know what to do, because your mind interprets each of the hypnotherapeutic short stories in its own unique way. You will find yourself allocating your own personal message to each story, which, in turn, will give you food for stress-free thought throughout the day. At night, your unconscious mind will elaborate each short story for you, adjusting any incongruities between your conscious mind and your unconscious mind creating an on-going sense of wellbeing.

Stress free in three minutes!

They say it takes three minutes to boil an egg.

Some like their egg a little softer than others

and some like the yolk to be a little harder -

it’s all a question of taste.

Egg timers are rather fascinating

with the sand that drips down grain by grain.

Imagine your egg timer for a moment,

the one you have now or the one your loved ones

had a while ago.

Start imagining each grain of sand

drop down one by one.

Count to six as you take a deep breath in

and back from six to one as you release.

With each grain of sand and each minute that passes,

your heart relaxes,

your breathing slows down,

as you take another deep breath now.

As you read each hypnotic short story,

simply watch and see how easy it is for you

to relax and feel comfortable.

Now as you drift away on each grain of sand

and allow your thoughts to flow,

it’s easy for that sense of comfort

and wellbeing to enter you.

Your breathing slows down and gets deeper

and more relaxed and your eyes

begin to feel heavy

and want to close

to sort things out in your mind

so that you can live stress-free

in only three minutes.

A Little Break

As you look out of your window today,

notice something you may not

have noticed yesterday.

A twig, a leaf, or a passing cloud

can all allow you to enter

into a comfortable state of mind -

the right state of mind,

needed for you to take a little break.

Focus on what

you have chosen to see,

until your vision begins to

blur just a little,

and then, if you wish,

you can close your eyes,

and become aware

that it is in these little

moments between moments

that your mind grows and evolves,

allowing you to change the way

you see many of the events

that have occurred or will occur in your life,

because it’s all about

what you focus on.

No two people will ever see

the same thing in the same way,

so why not enjoy what you can see

in your very own special way?

The Banana

Mary looked at the banana -

it was a handy and healthy snack.

She took it out of her bag in the office

at eleven o’clock, and peeled it with care

as she didn’t care for bruises.

It smelled ripe and sweet;

she only noticed that because Fred

had pointed that out to her a couple of days ago.

She took her first bite and savoured the sweet smell -

something she didn’t often do

as she was used to eating rather quickly.

However, today was different because

that sweet smell stuck in her mind

and she realised that all was not as it seemed.

The banana felt sticky

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