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Introduction to Chemical Nomenclature

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Introduction to Chemical Nomenclature

Lunghezza: 163 pagine


Introduction to Chemical Nomenclature: Fifth Edition delves into the nomenclature, the system of how names or terms are formed, of different compounds.
The book covers the development of chemical nomenclature; the nomenclature of different ions, salts, and compounds under inorganic chemistry; the principles involved in the nomenclature of organic compounds including hydrocarbons and heterocycles; and special features and functional groups. The selection also covers natural products such as carbohydrates, lipids, steroids, amino acids and nucleic acids, alkaloids, and peptides, as well as the miscellaneous chemical nomenclature, which includes organometallic and isotopically modified compounds and polymers.
The text is a good reference for students who have trouble in the nomenclature of different chemical substances and those who want to study the principles behind the chemical nomenclature.
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