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Gypsy Cures: Let Gypsy George Show You the Way to Better Health -- The Choice Is Yours

Gypsy Cures: Let Gypsy George Show You the Way to Better Health -- The Choice Is Yours

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Gypsy Cures: Let Gypsy George Show You the Way to Better Health -- The Choice Is Yours

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Jul 25, 2015


If you believe in medical Doctors (AMA) and the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) then read no further.

If you believe in the word of the good Lord that without a cause there will be no curse, then read on.
Jul 25, 2015

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Gypsy Cures - George M Bower




He has to confess to a lapse in healthy living.

In 1952, upon coming to this side of the Atlantic Ocean, from Great Britain, he became involved in a stressful job in Aerospace etc. with extra-long working hours and dining with customers, engineers and salesmen.

He recently retired from this and moved out of the Los Angeles smog to clean air at an altitude of 4200 feet above sea level.

In 1985 he had two Heart Attacks while on vacation in the mountains.

This was diagnosed as Heart Disease and blocked arteries, resulting in a triple by-pass operation.

In 1990 he was in worse shape than before the by-pass and was advised to have another by-pass operation.

This second operation was avoided by taking Chelation treatments and he now has no heart problems and does not take any prescribed heart medication.

In 1973 he had an accident which damaged the muscle tissue in the lower stomach area. Remarks were made by two medical doctors using Lower G.I. X-rays and Fluoroscope.

Their question was. How did you cure T.B of the intestines? The scar tissue is there showing a chronic infection in the teen years?

It could not have been T.B of the intestines, there is no cure for that?

How did you cure it?

These remarks by medical doctors may show they knew of no cure.

Gypsy George’s Gypsy Grandfather did.

No use telling a medical doctor that Gypsy George’s best friend and his father put him through extensive physical training and body building and that his Grandfather made him eat fresh raw fruit and vegetables and six raw eggs every day. The eggs came from specially fed chickens and Grandfather said. What goes into the chicken goes into the egg and that is what feeds my body. He also said there is something in a raw egg that kills disease and scientists have not discovered it yet. He made me gargle with Hydrogen Peroxide and said. Swallow a little.

The result was a gain in body weight of 85 pounds in less than two years and abundant health for the rest of my life.

In 1963 George had an accident in which he was thrown from a horse; this resulted in an operation to fuse two vertebrae, five laminectomies and the removal of seven discs, all done by medical doctors. Gypsy George has had more than thirty years of constant pain and walking problems. This is now diagnosed as Severe Spinal Stenosis, which I think is the result of the body trying to correct what it sees as an injury. Gypsy George is working on this problem and has come up with exercises, treatments and herbs, vitamins and minerals that help. He has an apparatus that has a sling for his feet and he can hoist himself into an upside down position and stretch out his spine.

He believes that the 30 mg of Coenzyme Q10 that he takes three times a day for his heart condition may be of benefit to the spine.

Occasionally he applies DMSO to the painful areas and he uses Aspercreme all the time. If you are familiar with WD40 and have some in the garage, squirt it on the painful places. Sure it smells awful but believe me when I tell you it takes away the pain.


First let me say I have no formal medical education and I .do not diagnose any ailments or prescribe treatments, the following is purely my opinion only; for what it is worth. Doctors don’t want you to know about Chelation using E.D.T.A. (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid)

Chelation introduces the E.D.T.A into the veins by an I.V and removes the plaque which builds up in the arteries and causes the blockages and hardening of the arteries which are associated with heart disease, heart attacks and strokes.

The E.D.T.A travels throughout the entire body and is eliminated through the kidneys, therefore it clears out a blockage no matter where it is located, when a by-pass operation affects only the one area in question.

How do I know about Chelation Therapy?

More than ten years ago and two months after retirement I was on vacation in the mountains near Big Bear and went on a nature walk which brought on two heart attacks, and resulted in a triple by-pass operation.

The operation was a success and I felt great for a while. Approximately five years later I was scheduled for another by- pass operation. A blockage is sometimes caused by a small damage to an artery, possibly caused by free radicals or by an illness in childhood, which the blood tries to cover up and to smooth out the artery.

Unfortunately it does not know when to stop and can block up the artery completely. When a by-pass is performed each one causes two damage marks, which the blood immediately goes to work to cover up at an accelerated rate. In my case about five years. Also the doctors do not want you to know an artery is very strongly constructed of three plies, an inner tube surrounded by muscle to expand and contract the artery and an outer cover. The vein used to by-pass the blockage is only one ply and much weaker than the artery it is by-passing and there is always the danger it cannot stand the pressure and may split.

Also they will not tell you that any time a body is subjected to a heart and lung machine brain damage can result.

My doctor said that all he could do for me was another by- pass. To which I said, Before I have another by-pass I want to try Chelation.

To which he replied, That is Quack Doctor stuff and you do not want to do that. Three months later, after I had taken about thirty Chelation Treatments, he told me to get off the treadmill, on which I was actually running. He said, I do not know what you are doing, but you had better continue doing it.

I didn’t tell him I had taken the quack doctor stuff and I have not been back to see him as I do not need his medication and I have certainly avoided another by-pass and so have many of my friends who have gone along with me and taken Chelation Treatments, after being scheduled for by-pass operations which their doctors agree they no longer need.

Why do doctors not want you to know about Chelation Treatments?

The doctors are a product of a university and are applying the teaching they are given there. Unfortunately for us the university may be sponsored by the big drug corporations and they therefore teach the use of the methods and drugs backed up by these drug companies. They are also taught to treat the symptoms and not the cause.

Fortunately for the doctors and unfortunately for us the operations and drugs are expensive. In the case of a by-pass operation, the surgeon may pocket perhaps $30,000 and the total cost to insurance may be $80,000 or more. No wonder our Medicaid and Medicare are going down the tubes and of course the patient is prescribed drugs for the rest of his life. Chelation Treatments are very cheap by comparison, a three months treatment costing perhaps a total of $3,000 which includes both the doctor’s fee and the treatments.

If you have any of the following:

Pain in the chest.

Pain in one or both arms.

Numb feeling in the face.

Out of breath.

High blood pressure

You may have clogged arteries and need Chelation Therapy.

P.P.S. Gypsy George does not diagnose ailments or prescribe medications and treatments.

However this may be the time for Gypsy George to describe the methods used by Dr. Frank Watts to cure his blocked arteries.

Each 1000 units of Chelation Treatments consisted of EDTA, Ascorbic Acid, Heparin, B Complex, Magnesium, Selenium and other vitamins and minerals. Given 1000 units three times at each treatment, for a total of 3000 units. Each treatment starting on Saturday morning and finishing on Sunday afternoon. Each 1000 units taking about eight hours. This was done every weekend for three months. At the end of this time, the arteries were completely clear and a maintenance program started of 1000 units every week and continued indefinitely

Unfortunately Dr. Watts is deceased, he died shortly after his office and his records were destroyed, perhaps the shock of this terrible act were too much for him and his heart gave out. Evidently someone turned him in to the powers that be for using drugs not approved by the FDA. He did use this type of treatments but only at his hospital in Mexico, where I went for my Chelation Treatments.



After ten years and two weeks the veins used in my by-pass operation finally gave way. I have been told by leading heart specialists that the average life of the veins used in by-pass operations is five years.

Due to Chelation Treatments, I believe I got an extra five years out of mine. On November 1st 1995 I had severe chest pains and was rushed off to

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