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A Maid's Tale: Trying To Keep My Green Card

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What will an innocent 19 year old Guatemalan maid do when she's caught stealing and threatened with deportation? Absolutely anything that the Master of the house and his wife desire! Spankings and humiliation will abound as this young woman is tormented, but she has a secret: she desperately craves their commands. As the teasing and punishments push her to the limit of her willpower, she asks for the one thing that she's never asked anyone before: for the Master to be her first.

Once they enter the Master's deviant playground of a bedroom, our beautiful little foreigner learns their darkest secret as the Mistress kneels before her husband. He commands her with more cruelty than he has ever shown the maid, and the roles are reversed as this little cuckcake is shown her new position: as a reminder of the type of woman that the Master could have.

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