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Snakes, roosters & pigs

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Snakes, roosters & pigs

Lunghezza: 109 pagine1 ora


Snakes, Roosters & Pigs explains that at the heart of all the problems, frustrations and disappointment we experience are just three things: hatred, desire and ignorance. In traditional Buddhist teachings, these states of mind are represented by a snake, rooster and pig, showing us clearly how almost all our thoughts, speech and actions are dictated by these “beasts” within.
In this dynamic and lively teaching, Tsem Rinpoche gets right to the crux of all our problems – the three animals, karma and how we get ourselves out of this never-ending loop. He shows us, with much clarity and relevant daily examples, how we are the authors of our own happiness, sadness, successes or failures, and how we can make a practical and immediate change in our lives for the better.

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