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Gentle Humour with Jesus, Devotions for the Happy Heart

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Gentle Humour with Jesus, Devotions for the Happy Heart

Lunghezza: 111 pagine


Now seriously, does this sound like fun to you? The dictionary describes laughter as an expression of mirth accompanied by certain convulsive, involuntary actions of the breathing muscles. Air is forced from the chest in jerks which produce short, abrupt sounds. Certain movements take place in the face and merriment is visible in the eyes.
However, laughter increases blood flow, contracts the stomach muscles and is thought to reduce the possibility of a heart attack! Let gentle humour with Jesus take your mind off your troubles for a little bit. Why you might even laugh a little! After all, the Bible does say that those who sow in tears will reap in joy and a merry heart is as good as a dose of medicine!!

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