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The Rice Diet Renewal: A Healing 30-Day Program for Lasting Weight Loss

The Rice Diet Renewal: A Healing 30-Day Program for Lasting Weight Loss

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The Rice Diet Renewal: A Healing 30-Day Program for Lasting Weight Loss

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Jul 15, 2010


From the author of the New York Times bestselling The Rice Diet Solution-a practical 30-day plan for inner healing and lasting weight loss

Since 1939, the world-renowned Rice Diet has been one of the most medically sound, effective, and sustainable weight loss programs, with 43% of participants maintaining their weight loss after six years. Now, building on the Rice Diet's success, The Rice Diet Renewal goes beyond what you eat to help you heal the roots of the emotional, mental, and spiritual underpinnings that often get in the way of achieving and maintaining weight loss.

  • Gives you the framework you need to break down the psychological and behavioral barriers to sustainable weight loss
  • Presents a scientifically based 4-step foundation for Cleansing Your Body, Healing Your Heart, Empowering Your Mind, and Connecting with Your Spirit
  • Offers the latest science needed to transcend a limiting diet perspective, to a sustainable dieta, a way of life that promotes optimal weight and health
  • Gives you practical, active tools to meet weight-loss and health goals, such as music therapy, journaling, creative exercises like dream boards and other deep healing therapeutic approaches including emotional freedom technique (EFT)
  • Includes inspiring stories of "Ricers" who have found weight-loss success, sometimes after years of failure with traditional diets
  • Provides a 4-week menu of seasonal, organic, local foods, naturally low in saturated fat, sodium, and sugar, empowering you with the desire for conscious consumption

Going far deeper than diet, The Rice Diet Renewal empowers you to change the thoughts and beliefs that may have limited your weight-loss success in the past so that you can reach the weight, healing, and life goals you desire at last.

Jul 15, 2010

Informazioni sull'autore

Kitty Gurkin Rosati, M.S., R.D., L.D.N., is a registered dietitian who has specialized in the prevention and reversal of obesity, heart disease, and other chronic diseases. She has more than twenty-three years of professional experience and is the author of Heal Your Heart: The New Rice Diet Program for Reversing Heart Disease Through Nutrition, Exercise, and Spiritual Renewal.

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The Rice Diet Renewal - Kitty Gurkin Rosati



For the last nineteen years, I have had the great pleasure and privilege of teaching and learning about healing at the Rice Diet Program in Durham, North Carolina. Participants here, fondly nicknamed Ricers, have the opportunity to experience the fastest, safest, and most effective way to lose weight and improve every other modifiable risk factor of heart disease and, in fact, most diseases. Founded in 1939, the Rice Diet Program has for seventy years facilitated and collected the most impressive weight-loss and weight-maintenance data and heart disease risk-factor improvements that have ever been documented. Men each lose an average of thirty pounds and women an average of nineteen pounds in the first month on the program. But what is even more impressive is the long-term success of our thousands of participants: 43 percent of Ricers have maintained their weight loss or lost even more after six years back home! Our founder, Dr. Walter Kempner, often said, as Nietzsche had previously and similarly stated many years earlier, It’s not the intensity of the great passion, but the duration of the great passion that makes a great man [and woman] great!

These encouraging—some people think near-miraculous—statistics are definitely a consequence of our world-famous Rice Diet, a low-sodium, low-fat eating plan made up of whole grains, beans, fruits, vegetables, and minimal animal protein. Yet the incredible number of pounds lost by Ricers from around the globe, the years that their weight loss has been maintained, and the fact that these people have restored their health after suffering from a wide variety of diseases are also the result of the integrated mind-body tools and practices that the Rice Diet Program encompasses. These practical exercises and experiential tools make up the four steps of The Rice Diet Solution and The Rice Diet Cookbook. The first step is the diet itself, which enables you to lose weight safely and quickly; the second step, becoming a mindful eater, takes you inside yourself so that you can become more conscious of how, why, and what you are eating; step three, taking time for yourself—whether it be time to exercise, do yoga, or meditate—gives you permission and space to be more in tune with a deeper part of yourself; and finally, step four, creating a community, asks that you reach out to other like-minded people to support and encourage your new way of life.

These simple steps inspired an enormous response from our readers and participants, far and wide. In hundreds of e-mails and one-on-one encounters, Ricers told us that these steps were at the crux of their ability to stick to the diet at home. The mind-body techniques gave them encouragement and inner confidence to maintain the changes to their lifestyles and helped them fully engage their bodies and their minds so that they could live in a fuller, more satisfying way. Ricers, whether they had come to the program here in Durham or had practiced the plan at home, seemed to grasp the radical difference between a restrictive diet, versus a dieta, the original Greek word that means way of life. We hear story after story describing people’s transformations. As Martine wrote to us on the Rice Diet forum (, she had always thought that the Rice Diet was simply a way to lose a lot of weight, fast. Then,

A friend told me about the Rice Diet and I got your book. I was really impressed with the small emphasis on the diet and the large emphasis on the changing your life.

I began the Rice Dieta. After only a few days, once the salt, sugar, and refined carbs were out of my system, the cravings went away. Being a definite food addict, I know that abstinence from those things is the only way to eliminate craving. Then, as I matured spiritually, I realized that it was no longer okay to have twenty years of sobriety and keep eating while I was celebrating all that recovery. I have become so aware since starting this way of life. I feel feelings. I act honestly. I share with others. I thank God for this way of life. I am responsible. It is a choice. And I have never felt better. I am giving myself a chance to live. To grow. To be a part of life. And I owe all of it to the Rice Dieta. It has taught me much, much more than how to lose weight.

Martine is not alone. She is one of hundreds who have contacted us wanting more—more ways to connect to the underlying food and eating issues that have plagued them; more suggestions for how to dig deep and replace negative, powerless thinking with a confidence-boosting, self-loving credo; more exercises and tools that show them how to keep living the diet in a mindful, emotional, spiritual way.

As a result, the program has grown in this direction. Our roots are delving deeper, and our branches are reaching new heights and dimensions. In response, more and more experientials have evolved, mini-workshops that make the mind-body connection real, tangible, and practical. Utilizing the most current research from various sectors of science and art, including quantum physics, energetic healing methods, music and aromatherapy experientials, movies, and more, we expanded and deepened the mind-body steps of the original Rice Diet Solution. Thus, The Rice Diet Renewal was born.

We’ve discovered that when people practice these exercises and tools, they not only lose more weight and maintain their weight loss, but they also feel truly transformed—mind, body, and soul. They reach states of enlightenment and peace; they come to a more measured and accepting understanding of themselves and others; they find more loving rewards in their relationships; they are able to achieve more in their work and professional pursuits. In other words, when they become more physically free of overweight, clear of mind, and liberated from encumbering emotional baggage, they not only embody health, their most sought-after dreams and desires suddenly seem within reach. They become powerful. Or, more accurately, they step into the power that is already within.

My vision for this book is to reach and inspire the millions who are ready to actualize their greatest passions and thus succeed in finally achieving and maintaining their desired goals. Manifesting those dreams begins with understanding and then embracing your true health. Although The Rice Diet Renewal will show you how to lose weight safely for the long term and how to reverse chronic disease (including diabetes, heart disease, and its precursors), most important, it will inspire you to align your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves so that you can actualize your true purpose and simply enjoy being you.

The Rice Diet Renewal promises to give you a path to true health. What do I mean by true health? Physical health that enables movement, agility, and an abundance of energy. Mental health that is marked by increased clarity of mind, purity of focus, and a renewed ability to set goals . . . and attain them. Emotional health that stems from being in touch with your feelings, enabling you to attend to your pains and fears, thus breaking the powerful and often negative cycle between unexpressed feelings and disease or illness, which is key to being free to be the person you aspire to be. And ultimately, spiritual health that enables you to celebrate love and co-create your life at the highest level. The Rice Diet Renewal is a practical program that you can follow and live every day; it is also a journey, one that will lead you on a path of inner healing, to a bountiful life full of purpose.

The connection between your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being and your physical health is not only powerful, it’s an essential priority if you truly want to achieve a life of happiness, enriched by your ability to reach your goals, love the people in your life, and celebrate the very essence of yourself.

How This Book Works

The Rice Diet Renewal offers thirty days of practical experientials, or exercises, that will revitalize and strengthen your body and soul—and all that lies in between. It will inspire a synergistic shift in your way of being and a new understanding of your true self because it brings together every aspect of who you are: your body, your mind, your heart, and your spirit or soul. True health—or healing—comes about and is sustained only if these four quadrants of your being are nurtured, integrated, and activated.

As you begin this journey, you will answer some questions about the way you think about your own health. You may learn that you take your health for granted. You may learn that you are often not attuned to your body’s symptoms or cries for help or its immense and wonderful power to give you energy, enthusiasm, and creative juice. In part one, Creating True Health, you will learn how to trace the connection between your body, your mind, your heart, and ultimately your soul, or spirit. Chapter 1, Are You Ready for True Health? invites you to consider the true meaning of health and how it is not restricted to the body—but it often begins there. If you want to heal, lose weight, or prevent or reverse disease, you need to start with cleansing your body, but you also need to address your mind (your thoughts and attitudes and patterns of behavior), your heart (your emotional issues, beginning with your relationship with food), and finally your spirit (by engaging your creative source or truth). In chapter 2, Cleansing Your Body, you will learn how to detox your body, beginning with reducing the amount of sodium, fat, and processed foods in your diet. Following a simplified and modified version of the original Rice Diet, you will eat whole grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, dairy, and seafood, with occasional lean meat if desired.

Chapter 3, Healing Your Heart, guides and inspires you to become aware of your feelings and any emotional scars you may have, so that you stop eating for emotional reasons and instead maximize the emotional experiences that empower you. You will learn specific techniques that have proved effective for many people, such as de-circuiting emotional eating by enhancing your awareness of why, what, when, where, and how you have historically coped by using food, rather than by dealing with the root of an emotional issue. You will also be invited to play the Responsibility Game and join the many others who have accepted the challenge to take on their lives as if they really matter!

In chapter 4, Empowering Your Mind, you will learn about the latest well-documented research on quantum physics and the human brain, which boils down to the empowering reality that your thoughts matter. What you think and feel about your thoughts has a more powerful influence on your life than most people have ever imagined. When you can tap into the power of your brain in this way, you can reshape how you think about food and what you want to eat, and you actually awaken to the why, when, and where you do so. In other words, you gain access to control, or conscious choice, in a completely natural, effortless way. Once you experience this mental shift in awareness, you enhance your desire, focus, and power to exercise consciousness in all areas of your life, thus becoming more and more effective at actualizing your dreams.

Chapter 5, Connecting with Your Spirit, invites you to reengage with your spiritual core, whether through yoga, prayer, meditation, or community outreach activities. The more you feel an interconnectedness with your Creator, the Universe—human, animal, plant, air, sea, and earth—the more your soul’s center is able to realign and speak to you from its deep reservoir of peace and knowingness. What so many Ricers and I have found is that the more spiritually connected you feel—the more you love yourself, others, and your community—the more you can co-create your health and actualize your purpose.

The four integrated levels of healing, all of which are supported by research and are multisensory by nature, work to synergize your weight loss and overall physical wellness by enhancing mental clarity, emotional healing, and spiritual renewal. Inevitably and organically, this synergy leads to an awakening of your spirit, which is often described as a real experience of oneness with your fellow men and women and the creative force in the world at large. In this way, you will heal at the very core of your being, so that you not only free yourself from overweight, pain, and ill health, but you also discover, commit to, and manifest your biggest dreams and most important goals.

Again, in order to truly heal at your deepest level, you need to engage your body, heart, mind, and spirit—the four levels of your being—in a constant, day-by-day fashion. I’ve gathered and created practical exercises and tools and presented them in a thirty-day calendar, which you will be able to use in order to manifest your desire for true health. Although each exercise corresponds to a specific point in each chapter, the exercises themselves often apply to more than one level of healing. Thus, the tools can be used in many different ways, and you can do as many or as few as you wish, in whichever order makes the most sense to you.

Part two, A Deeper Sense of True Health, opens the windows onto an even broader, deeper sense of true health. Chapter 6, Conscious Consumption, introduces you to a conscious way of eating so that your food choices are healthy not only for your body but also for your heart, mind, and soul, as well as for the Universe. Have you ever heard of the slow food movement? Have you looked beyond organic to the beauty in biodynamic farming? You will see how some of the most profound thinkers of this generation are finding spiritual revitalization through their food choices and are transforming their lives via conscious consumption. You will become equipped and will desire to view your food choices through a wide-angle lens, knowing how your food is treated before it reaches your table, how genetically engineered and other nonorganic foods harm your health and damage the environment, and how you can become a significant part of the solution.

And finally, in chapter 7, Amazing, Miraculous, and Extraordinary Healing, you will walk outside the fringes of the mainstream and experience firsthand how some people, including myself, have healed from all sorts of illnesses and conditions—of the body, the mind, and the heart—through spiritual pursuits and energy medicine. I, too, have experienced extraordinary healing; I returned from a near-death experience and healed from disorders that were described as incurable. Since that time, I have been totally committed to inspiring others to take full responsibility for their health and lives, with a dieta, or way of life, that prioritizes inner healing. I personally know and have witnessed in many others the profound ability that we all have been given to co-create our lives beyond our wildest imaginings.

This book is about much more than improving your health; it will inspire you to actualize your life. There are few things as satisfying and motivating as being and co-creating who and what you want to be and do. To feel that you are on time and right where you need to be, to co-create and fulfill your true purpose in life, is truly a divine experience. Of course, we can all debate the universal questions such as What is life? Why are we here? and How do I achieve health, happiness, and abundance? Yet I believe that my most meaningful epiphanies and times of peace and blessed assurance have been when I began to perceive my experiences in new ways, which in turn bloomed into liberating feelings of gratitude, happiness, and hope for healing.

So, take off your blinders, hats, and other obstacles that limit your horizons. Instead, embrace the inherent power that you have to co-create the health and the life that you are meant to lead. This book will propel you further than you’ve ever imagined and explored. It will enable you to make the paradigm shift that can only happen when you invite all of your senses to fully and positively perceive, feel, and believe that the health, peace, and mission you seek can be realized.


Creating True Health


Are You Ready for True Health?

Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, just as it is well with your soul.

—3 John 1:2 (New Revised Standard)

Most people come to the Rice Diet Program thinking they want to fix something that is broken. They feel deep in their gut that something is wrong with their bodies and are often afraid of what their further indifference might cause. The majority come to lose weight, then usually within a week of being here they realize that the root of their so-called food problem is really not the food. Their habitual overconsumption of food is instead a physical manifestation, or symptom, of a deeper issue.

Although most Ricers still come to us because of a desire to lose weight, they soon discover that our approach is about far more than looking good. But Lesley was one of those who clearly came on a medical mission. Although she wanted to weigh about a hundred pounds less than her 265 pounds, it was her serious diabetes complications that propelled her to the Rice Diet Program. Lesley had been a diabetic for nearly six years. Like many diabetics, she was more prone to getting infections, and an unattended cold led to her contracting bronchitis, which resulted in a high fever and her developing diabetic ketoacidosis. She landed in the hospital, where she was treated for pneumonia and was instructed to take large amounts of insulin, as well as medications to lower her blood pressure and cholesterol. She knew she had to do something that would stop this potential train wreck, and fast, so she came to the Rice Diet Program.

This is how Lesley describes her experience:

One of the best things I’ve learned by being on the Rice Diet is that I can have control over my diabetes. Getting off insulin and oral meds has been a huge boost, both physically and emotionally, and it’s been encouraging me onward, to continue to exercise and eat better. I realize this dieta is my choice, and I can continue my improved health. Taking the time for myself to have a better quality of life, whether it’s exercising, going to meals at the Rice House and eventually taking the time to fix healthy meals at home, having a massage, taking a yoga class, or getting together with the important people in my life, I’ve learned that it’s key to take the time for myself, both physically and mentally. Not using food as a source of comfort has been a challenge for me. I’m more aware of the rawness of my stressors, emotions, and feelings sometimes, and I’m searching for different ways of dealing with this. Writing things down has been a help, one way of coping and creating better solutions (instead of creating more problems or accepting the status quo by eating). I’ve resurrected my journal and frequently write on one of three different blogs. I’ve also started keeping in better contact with friends and will often pick up the phone or drop someone an e-mail, whether something great has happened and I want to celebrate, or something is troubling me and food is tempting as a coping mechanism. I now enjoy a wider variety of social activities—not just eating!

In addition to losing weight and healing her diabetes, Lesley can boast lowering her blood pressure to 90/60 without any blood pressure medication. Anyone who has practiced the Rice Diet for a while realizes that there is no faster, safer, and more effective way to lose weight and reverse chronic diseases and their risk factors.

Although the reversal of her heart disease risk factors is admirable, what is most exciting and contagious about Lesley’s story is that she has taken back her power to co-create the health and the life she desires. Sure, her serious disease states have been healed, but her internal paradigm shift is the most notably profound and pivotal change she has made. It will fuel her healing and enable her to achieve the other life goals she has set for herself.

What our dear Ricers soon learn is that whether you want to lose ten pounds or a hundred pounds, you will not find lasting success if you don’t address the deepest core of yourself. And when most people actually look more deeply into themselves, they discover that their problems—whether these are extra weight, disease, emotional issues, or mental stress—are in fact solvable. Indeed, they realize not only that the power to heal is within them, but that they can achieve remarkable health and even newfound joy and passion for life.

So, how do you heal from your inner core? And what is true health? We toss the word health around as if we all agree on its meaning or as if there is one static definition of health. Nothing could be further from the truth. Health is not restricted to the body: it involves every aspect of your being—your body, heart, mind, and the most amorphous but most vital part of all—your spirit. The connection between your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being and your physical health is not only powerful, it’s essential, if you truly want to achieve and sustain a life of happiness, enriched by your ability to reach your goals, love the people in your life, and celebrate the very essence of yourself.

Most of us have probably experienced this understanding of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual connectedness on some level. Almost everyone has become mentally stressed out or emotionally overwhelmed and then been overcome with a headache or an intense neck ache or back spasm. Although some people may have connected the dots of this cause-and-effect relationship with the various parts of themselves, many drive on, oblivious of their power to contribute to creating or healing their diseases until it is blatantly obvious—that is, until they are dramatically disabled, ill, or both.

Regardless of why you feel ready for a life change—whether you are motivated by a health crisis, an accident, a divorce, or you simply desire to improve your life and health—you are well on your way to achieving the results you seek. I will show you that you have far more power to create health and reverse disease than you realize. Much of the information you need to attain true health is in your hands!

It’s Time to Ask Yourself Some Questions

The Rice Diet Renewal asks a lot of you, but it delivers a lot, too. Take, for example the Ricer whose story follows. He enjoyed significant physical health improvements while on the program, but it was the inner healing that he accomplished that really saved his life. In The Rice Diet Cookbook, this doctor shared the medical miracles that he experienced with the Rice dieta. When I recently asked him whether he cared to share any deeper emotional and spiritual paradigm shifts that may have accompanied his physical transformations, he again exceeded all of my expectations.

As a doctor, my life prior to my experiences at the Rice Diet Program had been pretty mundane and, worse, had been fairly typical of many of my patients in America. I was rapidly approaching middle age and had been gaining my obligatory one to two pounds per year since I was twenty-five. I was about fifty pounds overweight, hypertensive, and losing both my health and my enthusiasm for doing much of anything. I was at the start of what I call the death spiral. I began to feel that life was not worth living anymore, that my only way out was suicide. Fortunately, as a doctor I knew the behavior I was exhibiting by its name—suicidal ideation—and knew that it was an ominous sign that I needed help, and fast.

I thought that the Rice Diet Program was only about food and weight. Although these are important elements, they are only part of the puzzle. The dieta represents a way of life, not just a way of eating. The first few weeks were spent in ridding myself of old—and bad—habits related to eating and exercise. I did not realize it at the time, but my spirit was also beginning to heal, through inspiration and interaction with my fellow Ricers. For the first time in many, many years, I was beginning to value myself as a human being and was gaining insight into further ways to heal both my body and spirit. In a short time at the Rice House, I lost thirty pounds, my blood pressure normalized, and I no longer had diabetic symptoms. I was able to completely discontinue four different types of medications, and I felt better than I had in years.

I am now able to enjoy sports I had not played in twenty-five years. Although most people think I’m crazy, each Saturday you will find me happily jumping out of airplanes, freefalling, and landing under canopy. I remember my father, speaking at our rehearsal dinner the night before our wedding eighteen years ago. He toasted us, with the specific wish that I find some joy in life. Thanks to the Rice Diet Program, I have.

Sincerely, Doc

Meet my friend Doc, whose before and after photos beautifully illustrate his choice to turn his overweight, chronic disease-impaired life into a healthy, active, and exciting one!

When I think about how to achieve true, lasting health, another memorable Ricer comes to mind. Charles, a sixty-year-old veteran twelve-stepper, came to the Rice Diet Program to lose weight and gain control over his health. My journalizing experientials usually begin with a summary of the health benefits and the healing potential of expressive writing. After a brief meditation that facilitates the participants’ getting in touch with their deeper thoughts and feelings, I ask the group to write about what came up for them. I encourage them not to try to manufacture something profound but simply to start writing about what comes into their hearts or minds.

I followed the same procedure with Charles’s group. After only ten minutes of writing, Charles quietly waited for the others to finish. When the group members were offered time to share their experiences, Charles summarized his life story. He told us that his dad had died when he was very young, and he had to help his mom raise the nine other kids. He was a committed Catholic, who saw to it that his siblings went to church and were educated. As he shared his history, you could feel the spiritual depth of a man who had been forced by circumstances outside of his control to shoulder heavy duties at a much younger age than you would wish on anyone. One of the cards he had been dealt in

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