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Dieting and Weight Loss: Clean Eating Recipes with Green Smoothies

Dieting and Weight Loss: Clean Eating Recipes with Green Smoothies

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Dieting and Weight Loss: Clean Eating Recipes with Green Smoothies

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May 15, 2017


Dieting and Weight Loss: Clean Eating Recipes with Green Smoothies Dieting and Weight Loss is about two different diet plans, the Clean Eating Diet and the Green Smoothie Diet. Each of these diet plans work to help us become healthier through the foods we eat. If you are going to change your lifestyle to a healthier one then Diet Wise is the perfect place to start. If you have been on a junk food craze you will want to cleanse the body of the impurities consumed by eating the Clean Eating Diet. The Green Smoothie Diet is a perfect addition to a body cleanse and a great way to start the lifestyle change.
May 15, 2017

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Dieting and Weight Loss - Margaret Rogers


Dieting and Weight Loss

Clean Eating Recipes with Green Smoothies

Margaret Rogers and Phyllis Coleman

Copyright © 2013 Margaret Rogers and Phyllis Coleman

All rights reserved.


In order to be wise about your nutrition you need to make sure the recipes you choose are full of the ingredients that contain the best nutrients. The recipes in this book do in both the clean eating diet section and the green smoothie section. If you are on a junk food diet and desire to make a healthy lifestyle change then you picked up the right book. You made a wise choice about your health!

If you have been eating a lot of junk food then your body needs a good cleaning. Junk food builds up in the body in the form of fat and causes bad health conditions if you do not change your eating habits. Junk food though is as addictive as caffeine or cigarettes. It can grab a hold of a person to where if they do not eat their craving, they will get into a bad mood and feel bad. The sugar high is so temporary though. It may make us feel good for a few minutes, but it goes away quickly, and then you have that nasty sugar crash.

In order to make dieting successful it is best to bust the junk food habit first. If you give yourself enough time you can do this and turn your dieting lifestyle completely around with little to no cravings for junk foods. Take it slow when weaning off of the junk food, treat it as you would any other addiction. Prepare the body and give yourself three weeks to wean. It takes the body about three weeks to bust an addiction. Treat the junk food addiction with that in mind and wean off over a three week time frame.

Wean from the junk food by replacing a meal or snack time with something nutritious every three to five days. Do this over a three week time frame and end with being completely off the junk food. Another way to wean is to stop it completely except for once a day. Once a day eat a junk food snack for a week. The second week, go every other day and the third week go every three days. Either way you do it is okay; the whole point is to be weaned completely from the junk foods.

Just because you have a junk food addiction does not mean you have to follow the above advice. It is just suggestions to help you have a more successful time with dieting with the recipes within this book. Why did you purchase this book? Is it because you wish to lose weight? Or do you simply want to be healthier? Either way, you can jump in and start the diet without weaning from the junk, but you will have moments of intense cravings you will have to overcome. Dieting success comes from doing a combination of things, not just weaning from junk foods.

Make sure you get plenty of rest. A stressed body is an unrested body. A stressed body will want to hold on to any fat you have so dieting while stressed and tired will not work too well. Try to get at least 6 hours of sleep a night; optimally you want to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep. If you get less than that, your body will feel the stress of fatigue. You can help to make up for the lack of sleep by taking short naps. Even if you pause throughout the day and rest your eyes for 5 to 10 minutes, you can help to recharge your metabolism. A good nap should last about 20 minutes only. If you sleep beyond that, your body will go into a deeper sleep and then you will feel more groggy when you wake up.

Drink plenty of water. Water is a daily essential. You should drink around 8 cups of water a day, adjusting it to be less if you are small and more if you are big (depending on your height and weight.) Never force yourself to drink if you are not thirsty, but make sure you have some with you all day you can sip. If you are trying to lose weight or trying to cleanse the body, you can drink a full glass prior to each meal and snack you consume. If you do not like to drink water, you may just have to decide you are going to do it. After drinking it for a couple of days you will enjoy it more and will actually crave it over sugary sodas.

Add an exercise routine to your lifestyle. Exercise is very beneficial to your health, whether you want to lose weight or just be healthy (or both). Exercising does not have to be complicated. You do not have to join a gym and hire a trainer. You can exercise on your own just fine. Just commit to doing it at least three times a week or every other day. Spend at least a solid half an hour in physical activity to do your body good. You can walk, swim, bicycle, join a gym (if you want), take an aerobics class, do aerobics from a DVD (even do Wii Fitness), jog, run, or play a sport. The key to success with exercise is to be consistent with it. Spend at least a few minutes before and after to stretch the muscles to prepare for the workout and to help prevent muscle injury.

Never start a new diet unless you clear it first with your health care provider, especially if you are on prescription medications. Make sure you are okay to eat the foods included in the recipes in the Clean Diet and the Green Smoothie sections of the book. Make sure you are okay to implement an exercise program. Once you clear this with your health care provider you will be on your way to making a good lifestyle change for the better.

Section 1: Clean Eating

Have you ever wished that someone would write a cookbook that gives just the facts? All diets put an emphasis on their particular type of foods and how they are beneficial, but many real factors are often eliminated, in order to promote a specific diet. Look no further. The Clean Cook Book is designed to present not only facts about the food you eat, but give you real choices in giving your body the cleanest foods possible, and obtainable. Learn how flour, sugar, bread, and milk, are not always what they appear, and can contribute to a decrease in the function of your system.

In addition, discover how processed and genetically modified products have no real nutrition in the anatomy of humans, but were simply created to preserve and extend shelf life. Once you realize how one, two, or all of these foodstuffs can play a

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