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Healthy Cooking Recipes: Amazing Health with Green Smoothies and Eating Clean

Healthy Cooking Recipes: Amazing Health with Green Smoothies and Eating Clean

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Healthy Cooking Recipes: Amazing Health with Green Smoothies and Eating Clean

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May 15, 2017


Healthy Cooking Recipes: Amazing Health with Green Smoothies and Eating Clean Healthy living has never been more popular! That's because more and more people are realizing how damaging a standard American diet can be. Rich in processed products, genetically engineered foods, and artificial ingredients, this diet has been blamed for a huge increase in all kinds of diseases. It's anything but a source of healthy nutrition, and many consumers are beginning to realize that. While convenience food may be appealing, it's not right for people who want to live well.
May 15, 2017

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Healthy Cooking Recipes - Mildred Howard


Healthy Cooking Recipes

Amazing Health with Green Smoothies and Eating Clean

Mildred Howard and Jacqueline Mitchell

Copyright © 2013 Mildred Howard and Jacqueline Mitchell

All rights reserved.


Do you feel heavy, bloated, tired and inert? The problem could be in the food that you've been eating. It's an unfortunate truth that the standard American diet, or SAD, is one of the unhealthiest possible diets in the world. People all over North America are suffering the consequences of eating all kinds of dangerous chemicals, additives, sugars and salt-packed meals. These substances are meant to help increase shelf life and make foods taste better without costing more money. What they might cost you, however, is your health.

The world is full of prepackaged meals and fast food, making it incredibly easy to consume manufactured food-like products instead of the real thing. While a burger from the drive-through might seem balanced because it contains meat, bread, cheese and vegetables, it's really anything but. Our grandparents consumed these kinds of foods only occasionally, and when they did, they consumed less-processed versions. Today, many people eat this kind of food on a day to day basis. That can seriously damage your health over a long enough period of time.

You might feel as though this kind of heavily-processed, industrialized food is your only option, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. You do have choices when it comes to what you eat, and picking cleaner, more natural foods is the first step to better health, a smaller waistline, and a happier life. The changes you need to make might be big ones, but you'll be amazed by the difference it makes when you choose natural foods that you can easily identify.

Your body needs proper nutrition from vitamins and minerals found naturally in your food, not ones that have been chemically added by food scientists. Freshness and minimal processing help those nutrients stay intact, while factory-like settings remove and degrade them. By simplifying and cleaning up your diet, you're helping your health and increasing your potential lifespan. You'll also be improving your quality of life. Eating clean can lead to better energy levels, higher quality sleep, greater stamina and lower levels of stress.

That's because many modern foods do more to harm you than simply leaching out the nutrients you need for optimal functioning. They also leave something behind in the form of toxins. These substances can build up in your body, leading to headaches, fatigue and even chronic illness. Many people don't realize that they're carrying these toxins around until they experience life without them.

This book has been divided into two major sections. The first part is made up of a green smoothie diet designed to help you clear out those toxins and get ready for clean eating. It includes a wide variety of smoothie recipes to provide balanced nutrition during this short-term diet. The second part of the book contains all the information you need to transition from a normal, SAD diet to a healthier and happier clean eating program.

You'll enjoy delicious fruit smoothies like rhubarb, banana and cranberry, as long as exciting and unusual vegetable-based options like kale with bananas. Peanuts, coconut, almonds and tofu provide beneficial fats and proteins to keep you going over the course of this cleansing diet, while dessert options like chocolate mint keep your emotions satisfied. This smoothie-based diet cookbook also includes a five-day sample menu to help you understand how much to consume and how often you need to have a smoothie. At the end of the process, you'll feel lighter, cleaner and more energetic. You'll realize how many built-up toxins you've been carrying around, and you'll be ready to start in on a sustainable clean eating program.

The second section of this book is designed to provide basic information about how to eat clean, plus a meal planning guideline to help you decide what to cook and when to eat it. You'll get the opportunity to enjoy clean, natural breakfast foods like apple muffins, coconut oatmeal and casserole with turkey sausage instead of processed toaster pastries or doughnuts. Consider livening up your afternoon with cinnamon popcorn or a snack of sweet and spicy mango salsa. Enjoy your dinner with a side of asparagus mushroom roast and a beefy chili or honey mustard chicken main dish.

Eating a clean and natural diet doesn't have to mean giving up your favorite foods. All you really need to do is learn to make them from real ingredients. Instead of processed chicken slurry, you'll make your meals with real, fresh chicken meat. Instead of refined flour and chemically altered high fructose corn syrup, you'll cook with whole grain flours and sweeten with fruit or natural sugars.

You won't have to make any sacrifices when you switch over to a cleaner lifestyle; it's just as efficient to cook at home as it is to use commercial products. In fact, there's a good chance you'll save money. Most processed and packaged foods come with a significant surcharge that makes the real thing considerably more affordable. It can take a little bit of time to adjust to the changes, of course, but once you've made the choice to turn to clean eating, you'll wonder how you ever cooked in any other way.

Millions of people enjoy the benefits of a clean lifestyle fueled by whole, natural foods and the intact nutrients they contain. If you're tired of feeling tired and rundown, it might be time for you to try this unique way of looking at your food. It's the perfect solution to turn your body into an efficient, well-oiled machine with plenty of energy. Clean eating allows you to enjoy great food, along with the process of making it. It also lets you share those joys with your family. If you want to experience a genuine, healthy lifestyle, it's time to clear out all those toxins and turn to a clean, nutritious diet. No matter who you are, you're sure to find out that it's a worthwhile decision.

Section 1: Green Smoothie Diet

You may be wondering what the difference is between regular smoothies and green smoothies. The answer is not a whole lot, other than what makes up the green. Green in this case stands for vegetables. When someone refers to a Green Smoothie they are referring to a smoothie that contains at least one vegetable among the juicy fruits. Drinking a green smoothie means you are receiving your vegetables and fruits and depending on the recipe, proteins too. The vegetables make the smoothies highly nutritious, especially when using green leafy vegetables (or even carrots, which are included in a few of the many recipes within this book.) The point of placing these vegetables within the guise of a smoothie is that the fruits overpower the taste of the vegetables. If a person does not like the flavor of vegetables, chances are they

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