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Quill and Beadwork of the Western Sioux

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Quill and Beadwork of the Western Sioux

Lunghezza: 169 pagine55 minuti


In this book, we look at the work and style of one particular tribe The Sioux.

The Sioux are a very large family, who roamed in many directions and learned a variety of customs from their different neighbours. Those who lived at the east, like the Yankton, and Sisseton, did beadwork very much like that of the Woodland peoples even further east. Those at the west, the Oglala, were like their western neighbours, Crow, Cheyenne and Arapaho. This book applies in general to the last three tribes as well as the western Sioux.

Detailed instructions with lots of pictures and drawings accompanying them, that are great for both beginners and the more experienced crafter.
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