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Shackleton's Yorkshire Canary - Its Breeding and Management

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Shackleton's Yorkshire Canary - Its Breeding and Management

Lunghezza: 130 pagine2 ore


This comprehensive guide, complete with several illustrations, is full of information and tips for those wishing to take up the fascinating hobby of canary breeding. The author imparts the benefits of his 35 year experience to the novice breeder in the methods and procedure that he himself has used to great success. Contents Include: Introduction The Exhibition Yorkshire The Question of Length What Kind of Feather Should a Yorkshire Possess? Housing the Stock Pairing and Breeding How to Form a Strain Laying the Foundation The Selection of Stock Colour and How to Obtain it The Cinnamon-Marked Yorkshire The Green-Marked Bird and its Value in the Breeding Room General Management of the Stock During Breeding The Moulting Season Preparing for Coming Events Staging the Birds
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