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Holland and Its Neighbors

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Holland and Its Neighbors

Lunghezza: 183 pagine1 ora


Holland and Its Neighbors offers a glimpse of bygone times in a rural area of northeastern Vermont along the Canadian border. Holland is typical of many rural small towns. Its neighboring Canadian towns and Norton, Derby, Morgan, and Charleston, Vermont, have familial, geographical, and historical connections that give the area a unique and cohesive culture. Mills and lumber-related businesses were established early, and as land was cleared, farming also became an important way of life. Holland and Its Neighbors includes photographs of loggers and mill workers, while images of horse-drawn equipment and horse-powered machinery illustrate hard work and long hours on hardscrabble farms. Interesting community characters such as Big Jack, peddler Jabez, fortuneteller Marie, hermit Scotty, and Haw Tabor are also pictured.
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