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Do you want a beautiful winter home in Florida? Located on the highest, driest, healthiest, and most beautiful spot for a town . . . This land company advertisement is like many we see today in Florida, but it was written over 100 years ago by the founder of Hawks Park, Dr. John Milton Hawks. Hawks Park was established in 1871, and within 15 years, it had 115 permanent residents and was a popular place for many Northerners to enjoy the warm winters along the edge of the beautiful Indian River. By 1925, the growing community became a town and adopted the more descriptive name of Edgewater. While there are more than 20,000 residents in 2005, the population of the city still swells during the winter when people follow the migrating birds and boats, seeking refuge from the snow. Although much has changed since the founding of Edgewater, rare vintage photographs will take the readers through the town s years of growth in this illustrative history.
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