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The Magic of Rice: Knowing more about Rice

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The Magic of Rice: Knowing more about Rice

Lunghezza: 76 pagine37 minuti


Table of Contents

The Magic of Rice
Growing Rice in Your Garden
Harvesting Your Rice
Types of Rice
Difference between Parboiled Rice and Instant Rice
Pests and Diseases
Pesticides and Botanicals
Popular Rice Cultivars
Rice Dishes
Cooking Rice
Reviving Overcooked Rice
Steamed Rice
Traditional Pilavs and Biriyanis
Savory Pilau With Chicken
Traditional Biryani – spiced Meat Pilau
Brown Rice and Polished Rice
Author Bio


Bless that hungry nomad millenniums ago, who while traveling over the grasslands, suddenly found that there was a wild grass growing and its seed when collected could be cooked and eaten to provide him and his hungry family with the most nourishing food available.

This is an ordinary grain of rice, a grass growing all over the world, and consumed thankfully by millions globally, every day. In fact, it is the staple diet of the major population in Asia. “Rice bowls” of the world are places where rice is grown extensively and which feed not only the native population, but the population of other parts of the world.

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