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Discover Your Type of Beauty

Discover Your Type of Beauty

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Discover Your Type of Beauty

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Mar 10, 2015


What if I told you that the shape of your nose could reveal your personality? Or that the way you walk into a room is a giveaway to how you think? Or that any time you’ve felt ugly, you were just miss- ing one essential piece of truth about yourself? I’m excited to introduce you to a system that identifies 4 Types of beauty that women naturally express—including you.
When you discover which unique Type of beauty you express (both inwardly and outwardly), you may find that your so-called flaws are actually your best features and you can better love and be yourself in a way you never have before. Discovering which Type of beauty you express is a powerful, enlightening experience and I’m excited for you to have it.
This system has changed my life forever, as well as the lives of tens of thousands of other women around the world. It’s called Beauty Profiling, and it’s an assessment tool that teaches you how to recognize, understand, and love your inner source of beauty—the true you.

Mar 10, 2015

Informazioni sull'autore

Where it All Began I started my fashion journey where most women start: as a teenage girl who didn’t like the way she looked. I felt ugly and believed I was unattractive which led me to despise my inner self at an early age. I can honestly say that: I hated myself. I’ve met a lot of women who have felt—and continue to feel—like I did back then. And that’s not right. It’s a pretty typical experience, and very sad. But I did something with it that isn’t ordinary. Starting From the Inside Out I began studying energy healing over 20 years ago. In 1994, I received my post baccalaureate training and began my career as a Master Energy Therapist. Since then, I have had the opportunity to train people across the world in energy healing to improve every aspect of their lives — from money, to health, to relationships, to overall emotional well-being. In my experience with Energy Healing, I observed that different people have different energies and natural movements. So, I created a program called Energy Profiling, that helps people identify and honor their true natures, strengths, and gifts. Amazing things happen to people who honor their true natures! But What to Wear? After many years of healing my inner self, I knew my inner truth and loved who I was by then. But every morning, I still had to open my closet and pick out something to wear. And what I wore on the outside didn’t match up with the strong, beautiful woman I knew I was on the inside. This time, I was sure the problem wasn’t me. After all, not every woman in the world could really be a failure at feeling and looking beautiful as the fashion industry had led them to believe! And then it clicked. Dressing Your Truth Was Born By applying the principles of Energy Profiling to fashion, I created the BEAUTY PROFILINGSM System and Dressing Your Truth. These programs show women how to best express their inner beauty in their outward appearance. Dressing Your Truth has changed the way women all over the world feel about themselves and the way they look. Women who dress their truth love and honor themselves every day, just with what they put on in the morning. What am I Doing Now? I am sharing Dressing Your Truth with women all over the world. I believe every woman is beautiful and she should look and feel that way daily! Too many woman out there feel like they’ll only be beautiful if they buy the latest trends, get the right hair cut or lose those last 10 pounds. I have been in that place before. But I didn’t stay there. And I don’t think any woman should! Every woman in the world can feel beautiful today, which is why I created Dressing Your Truth and why I strive daily to inspire women to discover and embrace their true beauty. Thank you for visiting and for choosing to discover the remarkable beauty you express both inside and out. I hope that you will spend some time exploring your true nature and honoring it by Dressing Your Truth. You are beautiful! Carol Tuttle

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Discover Your Type of Beauty - Carol Tuttle


What Women are Saying about

Carol Tuttle’s

Beauty Profile℠ System

and Dressing Your Truth®

Thank you for letting me know that I can be me! I’ve never felt my own sense of self: I’ve been looking in the mirror for 45 years and not seeing me! Thank you so much for your Beauty Profiling and the Dressing Your Truth systems. Now I am seeing the real me more and more each day! —Myra

Dressing Your Truth has given me permission to be me! I like shop- ping now because I have a purpose and I know what I am looking for. —Amanda

I now wear more muted colors. To my surprise, my skin looks more alive with those colors! —Rosie

I want to share a wonderful experience I had with my four girls...we all went shopping. We spent the whole day, went to lunch and found lots of bargains. We laughed a lot and enjoyed our new insights about our strengths and challenges within our Types. What a fun and empowering experience it was...[to] support each other in such a positive way... You have made a difference for all of us. —Terry

I have been following Dressing My Truth for almost a year. I get compliments daily! I love knowing what works in my wardrobe.


What a relief to finally know my true self and to stop wasting my money, time and energy on all the wrong things. —Bea

I feel so great and look so hot…after completing Dressing Your Truth, my closet is filled with clothes I love wearing. —Sherry

This has been an amazing journey, one I plan on continuing on over my husband has commented daily on how nice I look. One of the most enjoyable things is that I know what I am wearing works and I no longer have to worry about that. —Kelly

I have been applying some of the rules for my Type and all I can say is Wow—and so does my husband... What is amazing about this is that I really do feel pretty and feminine for the first time in many years. —Rochelle

How does one give thanks for getting a life back? I feel like the fire inside is beginning to glow. Thank you for the leading out, doing what you do and being your authentic self. You’ve been so instrumental in the transformation of many. —Nancy

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I WOULD LIKE TO THANK THE MANY WOMEN who have shown up in my life to teach me that every woman is innately beautiful.

Thank you to my daughters, Jennifer and Anne. You have learned your true natures and beauty at an early age, and this knowledge will serve you well your entire life. Thank you to my daughters-in-law, Sarah and Jaleah, who have embraced my teachings whole-heartedly and brought out their beauty to share with the world.

Thank you to my sons Chris, Mark and Mario, and my sons-in-law, Tony and Tanner. Your example to other men of how to support the beautiful women in your life is so admirable.

Thank you to my great husband, Jonathan—you continue to support and love my passions for dreaming and living big.

Thank you to my team, the people who have come and gone in this journey and the team members who continue to support the worldwide vision we hold to help every woman know her truth and dress it! My husband Jonathan, my son Chris, my son-in-law Tanner, my daughter Anne, and daughter-in-law Sarah are the core members of my team, and they are each invaluable in the roles they play in building our business.

Also thanks to: our web designer, Timothy Kavmark, who continues to share his genius with us; our film and production crew including Marcy Brown, Jenner Brown, Anna K Findlay, and Tanner Christensen who took what had previously only been taught at live events and created world-class online learning courses so women worldwide could learn how to dress their truth; and to my amazing editor, Kathy West.

I have a passion to revolutionize the beauty and fashion world, and to help women all over the world take back their beauty. I acknowledge you for finding and reading this book, and becoming the next woman to discover the secrets to your true beauty and learn how to use the tools to express your beauty almost effortlessly and with growing confidence.


WHAT IF I TOLD YOU that the shape of your nose could reveal your personality? Or that the way you walk into a room is a giveaway to how you think? Or that any time you’ve felt ugly, you were just missing one essential piece of truth about yourself? I’m excited to introduce you to a system that identifies 4 Types of beauty that women naturally express—including you.

When you discover which unique Type of beauty you express (both inwardly and outwardly), you may find that your so-called flaws are actually your best features and you can better love and be yourself in a way you never have before. Discovering which Type of beauty you express is a powerful, enlightening experience and I’m excited for you to have it.

This system has changed my life forever, as well as the lives of tens of thousands of other women around the world. It’s called Beauty Profiling, and it’s an assessment tool that teaches you how to recognize, understand, and love your inner source of beauty—the true you. As you read this book, you will learn how your outer beauty and inner beauty are connected, more closely than you may have ever imagined. Your beauty isn’t expressed in only your face or your body. It also expresses in your thought and feeling processes, your behavior tendencies, and even your personality. When you look at all of those together, you learn the truth about your inner beauty. In other words, you learn your Beauty Profile.

That is the goal of this book: to support you in identifying your unique Type of beauty, or your Beauty Profile. Knowing your personal Beauty Profile will give you a deeper and clearer understanding of who you are—your unique gifts and talents, your inherent qualities and traits, why you are the kind of woman that you are. In other words, the purpose of this book is to support you in recognizing the truth of who you are, as woman, as a human being, and move forward in your life in greater confidence and awareness. In this day and age, we women are finished with a shame-based approach to beauty that’s just not working. We’re ready to know our true selves more fully and clearly and to live that truth with honesty and confidence.

This book is the first step of a two-part process that brings you into an experience of enjoying truth-based beauty. The first step is learning your personal Beauty Profile. This book will give you in-depth information about each of the four Types of women and guide in you a process to consider which one best describes your unique expression of beauty. We’ll look at how the shame-based myths of the current fashion world have prevented us from stepping into our true, powerful, beautiful natures as women. My goal for you is that after reading this book you will be able to say, I know my personal Type of beauty, and my life will be different forever now! I love myself!

The second step in the process is to Dress Your Truth. Dressing Your Truth is a personalized fashion makeover system that teaches you how to create a personal style that’s true to your unique Type of beauty. For many women, dressing and adorning themselves feels like a lifelong battle that starts in their young teens. Many women feel defeated by that battle because—based on the way the fashion world works—it seems to be a battle you can never win. Fortunately, you will discover in the pages of this book how unnecessarily hard we have been on ourselves for something that, quite frankly, until now, we have not had the tools to change.

That second step—the Dressing Your Truth makeover program—is beyond the scope of this book. You will learn so much about yourself and your true nature as a woman in this book, but you will not find specific instruction about clothes, jewelry, accessories, makeup, skincare, or hairstyles here. You will find that information in the hands-on tools and online learning resources at the website, which I will reference in this book.

The fashion world has presented an idea of beauty that leaves us feeling inadequate and shaming ourselves into believing that we are somehow flawed, and therefore must put beauty on. But I’m committed to teaching women how to love their true selves and bring their true beauty out, a beauty that has always been there, that our current fashion system has prevented us from seeing. That’s why this book focuses on discovering and honoring you first, not fashion. Only after you know your Type of beauty will you be prepared to learn how to honor it in your daily dress and fashion choices.

The Beauty Profiling system will teach you a new way of looking at yourself, not just for today but for a lifetime. I am excited for you to start this journey. No matter your age, size, or color, you are beautiful and you deserve to understand and see the reasons why!

Clothes should look as if

a woman was born into them.

—Geoffrey Beene

Part 1

It Started With Twiggy!—

My Personal Beauty Nightmare

How The Fashion World Has Failed Women

It’s Time To Take Back Your Beauty

What This Book Is—And What It Is Not



MY STORY IS LIKE MANY WOMEN’S STORIES when it comes to how I felt about my appearance. It is not a very fun story.

For most of my life, I hated my body and struggled with how I looked. Even so, at age 45, I finally discovered the tools that allowed me to love and appreciate my body and my looks. I’m about to tell you how. But first, let me tell you about my beginnings.

Around age 12, I started to notice that what I wore and how I looked made a difference in how I felt about myself. I was an attractive girl who was pretty much left to myself to figure out how to put clothes together, wear makeup, and so on. I lay no fault at the feet of my mom. I believe she did the best she knew how, and I can’t imagine that I made it easy for her to convey her beauty secrets to me—which I now know would not have been right for me anyway. I had no sisters to seek advice from and my brothers thought girlie stuff was pretty much a waste of time.

I thought I looked boyish. I didn’t like how I looked because my appearance didn’t align with what I thought I was supposed to look like. In an effort to change that, I decided to do something to my substantial eyebrows, which to me were bushy and boyish. I hated them. So one night, I took action and removed most of my eyebrows with a pair of tweezers and a bathroom mirror. I had no help and no instruction, which was readily apparent by the looks of my eyebrows once I was done. Not knowing any better, I assumed this new look was an improvement—that is, until I hit my seventh period band class where a boy next to me looked at me in horror and exclaimed, What happened to your eyebrows? In that moment, I realized I didn’t look any better than I had before. Overcome with a feeling of shame that I was just not pretty, I wanted to disappear. That experience was an initiation to my journey with my own appearance, which seemed like one frustration and failure after another. I know I’m not alone in that journey.

About this same time, my three brothers and their friends added their two cents by shamelessly teasing me with the nickname, Carol Barrel, and comments like, Hey, peg legs! and Crater face! Needless to say, that did not help in my opinion of my looks and body image.

By high school, I had made little progress and did what most girls were doing—buying and trying to wear what was in fashion (except miniskirts—I just could not pour my larger frame into that fashion that was the rage). My battle with weight and hatred for my body really kicked in at age 15, which went on to last 30 more years. I had little inner confidence and I felt disgusted with myself because I believed I was overweight on the outside.

I never liked how I looked, and I felt increasingly uncomfortable in my clothes. Just as many other girls do, I pretended,, hiding my shame for my body and looks and pretending I felt good about myself. By age 17, my shopping and dressing room experiences were a nightmare. I had gained an excess of 30 pounds at this point and created an eating disorder of binging and—oh, but I forgot the purging part, so I just kept gaining weight.

I hated trying on clothes and had many an argument with my gentle-natured mother who felt more than confused about how to help me. I started a pattern of being late for school, since I tried on outfit after outfit in the morning, trying to find something I felt halfway decent in. My mom finally insisted I pick out my clothes the night before, which only gave me more time to try things on, hate them, and berate myself even more. I told myself that my body and outward appearance were inferior.

After years of this inner struggle, off to college I went, and for the first time in my life, at age 18, I found a makeup class at a local salon in the college town I lived in. I signed up for a personal consultation, and went to learn about how to put on makeup from someone who I figured knew better than I did what was right on me. In spite of what help I got (or did not get) from the makeup class, my battle with food, body image and low self-esteem continued.

Fortunately, I met a man who loved me for who I was at the time. I married Jon Tuttle when I was 22 years old, just four days after my university graduation.

On to marriage and motherhood and the next 23 years of doing my best to look my best, still influenced by fashion trends and styles, but never feeling I looked great in them. I had the perm in the 80s, the black in the 90s and didn’t start to discover my true beauty until the 2000s!

For 33 years of my life, I fell prey to the belief—as most every woman out there—that my inability to look great was all my fault, and there was little I could do about it.


I was introduced to the fashion world when the first supermodel and British fashion icon was a 91-pound teenager. Her name was Twiggy. Remember her? Twiggy was the first of a long line of women who set the standard of beauty that we call supermodels.

And guess who didn’t like herself, her looks, or her body at all growing up? You got it: me! I hated my body, I hated how I looked, and had completely no self-confidence in my teenage, female self. As I mentioned earlier, at age 12 I began to look to the outside world, and the fashion and beauty world, as the reference to my developing womanhood. Because the beauty icon of the time was a striking, 91-pound, blonde female with the name Twiggy, I would bet it is safe to say not many girls of my time had a chance at feeling beautiful.

Girls are influenced from an early age that they should worry about their appearance, as the literal models they’re given to follow express a Type of beauty that they don’t express. Unfortunately, for most of my life, all of my efforts in beautifying myself were an effort to improve what I thought was originally flawed. My natural Type of beauty is not found in the supermodel version of fashion and beauty!

Ladies, it has been 40 years that we have been judging ourselves against a supermodel standard that we can never measure up to. The standard of a tall, thin, sleek, woman who appears to be much younger than she is—that’s what we have been told to consider beautiful. And to make matters worse, all the over-the-top photo enhancing and airbrushing that take place in the media pit us against a superficial beauty standard that can only perpetuate a deep inner sense of failure in the effort to feel beautiful as a woman.

The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty (see was started after Dove did a worldwide study on beauty called The Real Truth About Beauty: A World Report. The Dove report confirmed their premise that the common definition for beauty had become impossible for most women to attain. The study pointed out only 2 percent—yes, 2 PERCENT—of women considered themselves beautiful, and only 12 percent of women said they were very satisfied with their physical attractiveness. On the other end of the scale, 75 percent of the women who responded wished that the media did a more responsible job of portraying the diversity of women’s physical attractiveness, including size and shape, across all ages.

The Dove campaign and others like it have voiced the discomfort that so many women feel. But the source of that feeling goes deeper than just the super-model standard, which we’ll get into in this book.

If it weren’t for discovering my own Beauty Profile and developing Dressing Your Truth, I may have never discovered my own unique beauty. At this phase in my life, I am incredibly grateful that I can look past current fads and styles that just don’t work for me—and wear an expression of who I truly am.


At the time of this writing, I am in my early fifties and I honestly feel and believe that I look hot! In fact, I know I have never looked better! Even more importantly, my outer appearance is now an authentic expression of the dynamic woman I know I

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