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How to Speak and Write Correctly: Study Guide (English + Portuguese)

How to Speak and Write Correctly: Study Guide (English + Portuguese)

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How to Speak and Write Correctly: Study Guide (English + Portuguese)

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Check out this all-new "How to Speak and Write Correctly: Study Guide" with FREE colorful infographic. This is a complementary book summary based on "How to Speak and Write Correctly" by Joseph Devlin (1910). It is translated into 16+ written languages, with new 5-week learning schedule, two mini quizzes, and many FREE e-Articles on business writing tips online.

ESL Students:
~ purchase "Dr. Vi's Study Guide" online here (16+ languages available)
~ master English speaking and writing within 5 weeks

ESL Teachers:
~ motivate your students to speak English with confidence
~ encourage your students to write English with clarity

Business Professionals:
~ communicate effectively to your co-workers and clients
~ minimize confusion and mistakes, in return maximize performance and productivity

Global Entrepreneurs:
~ communicate effectively to your employees, clients and partners
~ speak and write effectively to attract lots of new clients and profitable opportunities

Buy this Study Guide today to quickly improve your English communication skills within FIVE weeks.

Informazioni sull'autore

Vivian W. LEE is a Chinese Canadian living in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She is a global entrepreneur, a publisher, an author, a marketing strategist and a master copywriter, with a strong interest in cross-cultural communication. Visit for her detail profile. Follow her on Twitter @DrVivianLee... to learn the latest business, financial and market trends... as well as sales marketing tips and special offers.

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How to Speak and Write Correctly - Vivian W Lee


This study guide is a complementary learning tool for the book How to Speak and Write Correctly by Joseph Devlin and Vivian W. Lee (2015).  If you haven't read this timeless classic, please purchase one from your favorite retailer online.  To continue...

You will find the following items in this study guide:

a full colored info-graphic --

Dr. Vi's Study Guide for Easy Business English Communication

full transcript, chapter by chapter, in English

full transcript, chapter by chapter, in Portuguese

your 5-week English Learning Schedule

Mini Quiz # 1

Mini Quiz # 2

additional resources online

a web link to download your FREE articles in business and marketing communication

With the help of this study guide, you will be able to improve your English speaking and writing skills within five weeks.  It's totally possible.  And, you have to believe it!  

Learning English can be fun and easy.  Create a time block (1 to 3 hours) to study each day.  Check out the info-graphic on the next three pages.  Follow the learning schedule and study each chapter of the book, along with this study guide.  Don't forget to do the mini quizzes.  When you can answer all those questions, you have advanced your English speaking and writing skills already.  

Now, grab a cup of coffee or tea (a bottle of juice or water)... relax in your chair...

With an open mind and an open heart, enjoy your study.

Dr. Vi's Study Guide for EASY Business English Communication

Learning Goals:

Improve your English speaking and writing in FIVE weeks

Refer to examples in each chapter of How to Speak and Write Correctly by Joseph Devlin (1910)

Learn quick and easy tips to improve your Business Communication

Chapter 1

Requirements of Speech

You only need to master 2,000 of the most frequently used English words to be a polished, refined and educated English speaker or writer

Nine Parts of Speech:

Article – a word placed before a noun to show whether the noun is used in a particular or general sense (a or an and the)

Noun – proper noun (particular persons or places), common noun (a whole kind or species); vary by Person (first, second and third), Number, Gender (masculine, feminine) and Case (nominative, possessive, objective)

Adjective – a word which qualifies a noun; three

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