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Buddha on the Dance Floor

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Buddha on the Dance Floor

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The story of an Australian woman's remarkable journey to enlightenment and beyond - this is the memoir of an extraordinary life.

Isira was born awake. Unusually, she was not just awake to the world around her; she was also awake to her true nature - the eternal Self of pure love and awareness. As a result her life has been, and is, extraordinary.

Isira writes about her challenges and joys: of the childhood pain of being rejected as a misfit; of life as a street kid; of being raped and almost murdered as a teenager; of travelling to Tibet and ordination by HH the Dalai Lama; of Tibetan Lamas, aware of her incarnation, fetching her from Adelaide to the Himalayas; of marriage and motherhood; of 'terminal' illness healed; of discovering her secret Aboriginal heritage..

Around these life events she weaves the story of her vivid inner journey - of dreams and visions; of karmic threads of other lifetimes and planes of consciousness; of insights and wisdom gained; and, with immeasurable gratitude and humility, of profound personal spiritual experiences - 'awake in the ocean of bliss'. Since the age of 18 her life has been dedicated to the awakening of humanity.

Few have travelled the path of true enlightenment. Fewer still have written down the story in such depth and detail for the benefit of fellow travellers. And so Isira's story offers rare insight and encouragement, revealing what is possible for each of us, if we choose it.
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