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Praying Through the Prophets: Daniel

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Praying Through the Prophets: Daniel

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Praying can be hard.

It's hard to make the time to pray. It's hard to get up early, or go to bed later in an effort to draw close to God. It's hard when there are so many other things demanding time and attention. And it's especially hard when you are feeling spiritually dry and just don't know what to say or where to start.

We all know that not praying and drawing close to God results in a very superficial relationship with Him. Yet so often we fall into the trap of putting other things first.

If you are feeling spiritually dry and just know it is because you are not spending time with your God, this book is for you.

If you long to draw close to your Saviour but you are struggling with the words to say, again, this book is for you.

Praying Through the Prophets (Daniel) is a compilation of prayers taken from John Calvin's commentaries on the Old Testament prophets.

Each prayer has a scripture that can be read alongside, deepening your love and understanding for the Word. There is nothing so fulfilling as praying to God with a Bible open on your lap ready to listen and hear from Him.

Use these prayers as a springboard into your own prayer life.

As you pray you will find yourself thinking of other things to pray about resulting in drawing close once again to your Savior. Putting God first and removing any idols that are taking His place will result in a wonderfully fulfilling relationship with the Lord, and which will have an impact on all around you.

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